Market entry services in Philippines

Emerhub provides full range of market entry services in the Philippines such as incorporation, accounting, outsourcing and importation.

About Emerhub

Emerhub has been providing market entry services in South-East Asia since 2011. Our mission is to lower entry barriers in emerging markets. We do it by supporting companies interested in entering and doing business in Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Company setup

Set up a (foreign) owned legal entity that allows you to conduct your business activities in the Philippines. There are several options based on your business classification and capital availability.
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Local representation

Emerhub can act as your local representative or partner in the Philippines. This includes activities such as finding distributors or vendors, participating in tenders, conducting quality control etc.
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Outsourcing allows you to focus on your core business while having non-core activities such as accounting, payroll and tax, employer of record, etc., handled by Emerhub as a professional service provider. This is also a cost effective way to enter the Philippines without having to set up a legal entity.
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Importer of record

Need to send products to the Philippines? Emerhub’s Importer of Record service allows you to send shipments to the Philippines by using Emerhub’s import licenses and custom clearance service.
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