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Invest and do business in Bali with a foreign owned company

Bali is not just a paradise. It’s also a business opportunity with over 5 million consumers. Make it happen with company registration in Bali.

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Process of setting up business in Bali

We have set up over 250 foreign-owned companies in Indonesia since 2011. Our office is located in Seminyak, Bali. With a growing list of clients in Bali, Lombok and East Indonesia, we are ready to take services to foreign companies in Bali to the next level.

  • Preparation

    Contact us and tell us about your plans in Bali. Based on that our consultants will guide you through the process, what is your allowed foreign ownership (it can be anywhere from 0% to 100% depending on the business classification), how much capital is required etc.

  • Incorporation

    Our consultants will collect the required documents, prepare and submit application to the various governmental agencies and notaries involved in the incorporation process. Generally, this process takes about 3 months in Bali. While the process involves several steps and various governmental institutions, as our client we will handle it all for you.

  • Permanent business license

    Once your company is set up and operating, we will proceed with permanent business license as soon as possible. This will enable you to run your business perpetually, hire foreign experts and be protected from any future regulatory changes to foreign ownership.

Different legal entity types available in Bali

Type Description Minimum capital Maximum foreign ownership
Limited liability company (PT PMA) Company that is either partly or fully owned by foreign nationals or companies. Rp. 10 billion investment plan (~US$750,000), at least 25% of it as paid up capital Up to 100% depending on business classification
Representative office for trading (KP3A) An office representing foreign trade company in Indonesia. Not allowed to earn revenue. No capital requirement No limitation
General representative office (KPPA) An office representing foreign company in Indonesia. Not allowed to earn revenue. No capital requirement No limitation
Local company (PT or CV) A locally owned limited liability company. Micro: Small: Medium: Large: No foreign ownership allowed
Nominee company Local company with pledges shares that allows you to operate as a local business while having total control over the company and its finances. If company issues work permits to foreign nationals: If company doesn’t issue work permits to foreign nationals: No limitation

Common business types in Bali owned by foreign entrepreneurs

Industry Maximum foreign ownership Additional requirements
Property 100% Can apply for BKPM’s Ijin Usaha right away after company is incorporated
Bar, Cafe, Restaurant, Hotel, Tours, Water sports etc. 51-100% depending on classification
  • Environmental License
  • Disturbance License
  • Principal License from local government (For hotel)
  • SIUP MB (license to sell alcohol) & Hygiene license for bar/cafe/restaurant)
  • Operational license from department of tourism

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