Foreign-owned company registration in Indonesia

Set up a limited liability company with foreign ownership (PT PMA) in Indonesia

Company registration in Indonesia

Hundreds of PT PMA companies registered in Indonesia

How to register a company in Indonesia

Register company online
We set up the whole company without the physical presence of the owners, including the opening of a corporate bank account
Choose suitable legal entity type
Emerhub provides assistance in choosing the right company type for your business needs – including secondary licenses if required
Support in designing corporate structure
We provide Corporate Secretary and Nominee Treasurer services – These are positions in a company required to be held by Filipinos
Comply with local regulations
We provide post-establishment services like payroll management and employee handling.
Virtual office
Emerhub also helps companies set up hybrid businesses for industries where remote work is suitable.


Days to register a company in Indonesia with Emerhub

How long does it take to register a company in Indonesia?

With Emerhub, you can register your company in just three days to one and a half weeks. The main factor influencing this timeline is how quickly you can gather and provide the necessary documents.

Select the right company type for your business in Indonesia with Emerhub

Registering a company in Indonesia allows you to run full-scale operations and own up to 100% of foreign share.

Most Popular

Limited liability company (PT PMA)

A limited liability company allows you to earn revenue in Indonesia. Your company will be able to apply for various business licenses to further diversify your business portfolio or investments.

Representative office for trading (KP3A)

This type of representative office can conduct trading activities for its parent company. KP3As can act as the parent company’s selling, manufacturing, and buying agent in Indonesia.

General Representative Office (KPPA)

This type of company represents the overseas company in Indonesia. KPPA cannot earn revenue in Indonesia but can hire employees and issue work permits.

Construction representative office (BUJKA)

This company registration type is employed for performing construction-related activities. A BUJKA is best suitable for larger foreign construction companies since they are only allowed to engage in large-scale construction projects while small-size projects are reserved for local construction companies.

Unsure which business registration is best for you in Indonesia?

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How does Emerhub’s company establishment service work in Indonesia?


Get in touch with us to discuss your planned business activities in Indonesia


During our complimentary advisory call, we’ll discuss various options for you to register a company in Indonesia


We collect the required documents and submit them on behalf of you to the relevant authorities


Once incorporated, we will assist you with opening a bank account, setting up tax and accounting, etc.


Ongoing business support in Indonesia

company registration bali

Emerhub has registered hundreds of foreign-owned companies in Indonesia since 2011


10+ years of experience assisting clients to expand in Southeast Asia.

Multinational Presence

Apart from Indonesia, we have offices located in Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Pakistan.


We have dedicated and highly qualified project managers who assist our clients throughout the whole incorporation process.

Client Testimonials

We regularly use Emerhub for various licensing and permitting processes in Indonesia and the service has always been superb. For our latest project Chona and the rest of the Emerhub team have assisted us with a complex import licensing process, which was completed in the middle of the Covid-19 lockdown – far above and beyond expectations! We look forward to working together with the Emerhub team on future projects, and would not hesitate to recommend their services, which are unmatched in the Indonesian market.

Filipp Levin

They were very reliable and helpful in understanding the company registration process in Indonesia.

Melissa Lou

Frequently Asked Questions

With Emerhub, it takes almost 4 weeks to establish a company.

For company registration in Indonesia, you’re required to have at least two shareholders and a capital statement letter.

For foreign companies in Indonesia, there must be a minimum of 2 shareholders. In most cases, Indonesian legislation allows 100% foreign ownership but there are some exceptions.

The standard incorporation price for company registration in Indonesia is $2000. Contact us for a custom quote.

The number of KITAS you can sponsor is not regulated by law. Any shareholder who fulfils the legal requirements is entitled to receive an investor KITAS.

No, there is no limitation. A company can have as many shareholders or directors as they want.

No, a capital statement letter from Emerhub is sufficient to register a foreign-owned company in Indonesia. The capital can be transferred once the company is registered and a bank account is opened.

The tax rates for foreign-owned companies are based on the company’s revenue and profitability, just like the tax rates for local companies. Therefore, tax rates are the same for Indonesian and foreign companies.

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