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Set up and grow your business in Hong Kong

Emerhub Hong Kong provides a full range of services to companies entering Hong Kong. From company registration to corporate secretary services.

Company registration

End-to-end company registration service in Hong Kong. From legal entity setup to acquiring specific licenses and setting up local operations.

Tax & Compliance

Ongoing compliance and tax support to ensure your company meets the local reporting requirements in Hong Kong.

Corporate Secretary

Hire a dedicated corporate secretary to ensure your business stays compliant with local legislation in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is ranked as the world’s freest economy by the Heritage Foundation, making it a favorable location for foreign investors to set up their businesses.

Hong Kong is a foreign business owner’s dream business destination.

Hong Kong has a well-developed economy, the best tax rates in the region, an efficient legal system, and a highly skilled and well-educated workforce, making it an ideal place for foreign entrepreneurs to launch their businesses.

Strategic Location

Hong Kong is strategically positioned in the center of Asia, offering businesses a gateway to the thriving economies of the region, and facilitating ease of access for their operations.

Free Trade

Hong Kong is one of the world’s leading free-trade economies, which means that businesses can benefit from open markets and low trade barriers.

Low Taxes

Known for its tax-friendly jurisdiction, Hong Kong has a flat profits tax rate of 16.5% with a concessionary rate of 8.25% on the first HK$ 2 million of income earned.

Business-Friendly Environment

Hong Kong has a highly developed and sophisticated business environment, with well-established infrastructure and a strong legal system.

Full range of corporate services to start and operate a company in Hong Kong

We navigate Hong Kong’s bureaucracy for you, from registering your business to ensuring tax and accounting compliance, allowing you to concentrate on business growth in this thriving market.

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