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Establish Your Company Remotely
Seamlessly establish a company without the need for physical presence from the owners.
Preparation of Documents
Emerhub’s team prepares your Articles of Association, and fills out all necesarry paperwork to register your company in Hong Kong!
Corporate Secretary
We provide a corporate secretary who is a resident of Hong Kong, as required by the Companies Registry.
Post-establishment services
We provide post-establishment services like corporate secretarial and accounting & taxation services.
Bank Account opening
Emerhub also offers assistance in opening a corporate bank account in Hong Kong.
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Things you need to register a company in Hong Kong with Emerhub

Registering a company in Hong Kong is simple and fast. With the right documents and Emerhub’s support, you can have your company registered in less than 24 hours!

A unique company name

To register a company in Hong Kong it is necessary to choose a unique company name that is not already in use, appoint a director and company secretary, and have a registered office within Hong Kong.

Corporate Secretary

Every company in Hong Kong has to have a corporate secretary who is a resident of Hong Kong as required by law.

Registered Address

A company in Hong Kong should have a registered address within the country for receiving correspondence from government departments.


Company registration requires at least one shareholder, and the company to have at least one share. There are no minimum or maximum requirements, and no requirement for shareholders to be locals.

Process for setting up a company in Hong Kong

Step 1: Handle the official requirements

Opening a company in Hong Kong is relatively straigtforward, with just a few government requirements to meet. Emerhub is here to help you organize all of these requirements and make the process as smooth as possible.

Getting a registered address in Hong Kong
It is required for every company to have an address in the country to deal with government correspondence.
Choosing a local secretary living in Hong Kong
Emerhub helps you find a corporate secretary who lives in Hong Kong as required by law. This person is responsible for telling the government about any changes in the company and keeping accurate records.
Obtain Business Registration Certificate (BRC)
BRC includes important information such as your company name, address, and business type. It is usually valid for a year and needs to be renewed annually. Don’t worry, we will take care of everything for you and make sure your certificate is timely renewed each year.

Step 2: Submission of documents

Emerhub has made the company registration process completely digital for our client’s convenience. Simply provide us with your company name, intended business activities, share structure, paid-up capital (just HK$1 is enough!), shareholder’s names, and complete an ID verification. We prepare the rest of the documents for business registration ensuring that everything is done correctly and efficiently.

Step 3: Open a business account for your company

The next step is to open a bank account. We have partnerships with HSBC, the largest bank in Hong Kong, as well as other traditional banks and neo banks such as Airwallex. 

Step 4: Ensure your company’s annual compliance

Once registered, the business operating in Hong Kong must comply with local laws of tax filing and record-keeping. Emerhub’s coporate secretary ensures that your business stays compliant with all required filings and submissions to the government


Ready to get started? Emerhub offers two complete packages for your incorporation needs in Hong Kong

Limited Package

Unlimited Package

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company registration in Hong Kong takes less that 2 days

How does Emerhub’s company formation service work in Hong Kong?


Talk to an Emerhub Consultant to select the organizational structure and additional company services that align with your business needs.


Our consultants will prepare the required documentation for your company registration, and submit it to the relevant authorities as per your chosen company type


If required, our team will also submit documentation to set up your company bank account


Upon completion, we will provide you with all the registration documents, including the Business Registration Certificate issued by the Inland Revenue Department, for your records.

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Why enter the Hong Kong market with Emerhub?

Emerhub’s market entry services in Hong Kong are backed up by a 12-year legacy of facilitating market entry for foreigners into South East Asia. With 6 offices across 5 countries in the region, Emerhub can facilitate businesses in not just one, but multiple markets at a time.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there is no requirement for a shareholder to be a Hong Kong resident

A minimum of one shareholder or director is needed to form the company. They need not be citizens of Hong Kong and can be the same person. A minimum issued/ paid-up capital of one share worth HK$ 1. A common total share value is HK$ 1,000.

Yes, you must have a local registered address. A PO Box is not allowed. Emerhub can provide you with a registered address.

Yes, you will need to pass a special resolution called a Notification of Change of Company Name. This must be filed with the Hong Kong Companies Registry.

Companies Registry provides a one-stop company and business registration service. Upon approval of the application, the Registry will issue a Certificate of Incorporation together with a Business Registration Certificate.

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