Set up and do business in Bali

Emerhub Bali provides a full range of services to companies and property investors in Bali. From company registration to monthly tax and payroll services.

Company registration

Registering a company in Bali requires understanding local legal and documentation procedures to ensure compliance.

Buying property

Buy or invest in property in Bali while ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Visa services

Determine which Visa is right for your needs and get started on the application process.

Full range of corporate services to start and operate a company in Bali

We navigate Bali’s regulations for you, from registering your business to ensuring tax and accounting compliance, allowing you to concentrate on business growth.

Buying Property in Bali

Buy, invest in, or manage properties in Bali.

Visa and relocation

Apply for the right type of Visa for your relocation to Bali.

Resources on living and doing business in Bali

  • Exploring the Business Visa for Bali

    Exploring the Business Visa for Bali

    Multiple Entry Visas D1 and D2, sometimes referred to as a Business Visa, allow traveling to Bali multiple times with just one visa. Here, we provide you with the basics you need to know about Multiple Entry Visas in Bali.

  • Guide to Bali’s Remote Worker Visa

    Guide to Bali’s Remote Worker Visa

    The growth of remote work has reshaped work and lifestyle patterns. More people are seeking out locations that can offer a pretty place to stay but also the infrastructure to support their work. Bali has responded by introducing a remote worker visa.   This article will explore Bali’s Remote Worker Visa (also known as digital nomad…