Company Registration Process in Thailand

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Initial consultation

Tell us about your planned activities in Thailand and we will advise you on the most suitable legal entity type and how to protect your investment.


Approval of company name and Memorandum of Association

Based on the information you provide us, Emerhub will submit your company name and company documents for government approval. You don’t need to be in Thailand for that.


Business address registration

Once your company documents are approved, we will register your company address either in a physical location or in a virtual office provided by Emerhub.

Key requirements for a company registration in Thailand

General overview of the requirements for setting up a Thai limited company

At least three initial shareholders

  • Shareholders can be both individual or corporate
  • Foreign owners can hold up to 49% of the total shares
  • Once the company is registered, the shareholding can be restructured to just two shareholders.

Understanding ordinary and preferential shares

  • A common practice is to give ordinary shares 10x the voting rights compared to the preferential shares.
  • This means that the local majority owners are unable to control the company without consent from the foreign shareholders.
  • It’s important to have a professionally made Articles of Association to ensure everything follows Thai laws and your assets are safe.

Capital requirements

  • If the company wants to employ foreigners, it must have a paid-up capital of at least 2 million THB.
  • A company must employ at least 4 Thai nationals for every foreigner

Commercial address

  • A company must have a registered address in Thailand
  • Any address is suitable as long as the landlord is willing to confirm in writing that the company is authorized to use its facilities.
  • Emerhub provides virtual addresses for companies that don’t need office space.

BOI companies

  • If you import innovative technology to Thailand, you may be able to get special permission to own a company 100% from the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI)
  • Since a BOI license may take over a year (or longer) to acquire, it’s best to register a Thai-majority company first and then convert to a BOI company once the approval is granted.

Read more about special permits to operate in Thailand.

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