Importer of Record

Send shipments to Southeast Asia by using Emerhub as the importer. Shipments are delivered to your designated address or to Emerhub’s partner warehouses.

  • You don’t need your own legal entity and import license in Indonesia
  • Avoid having to work with the Indonesian customs
  • Be ready to import immediately

Should you set up your own import company in Indonesia?

Indonesia has a highly regulated system for importing goods into the country. If you are a foreign citizen or company and plan to do it on your own you will need to set up a limited liability company with at least ~ US$250,000 paid up capital, acquire import license and hire staff that knows how to work through the import bureaucracy. It takes at least 6 months.

If you wish to do that, then Indosight can provide the full import company setup service for you. However, there are several scenarios when this process is not suitable:

  • You want to import your goods faster than in 6 months
  • Your Indonesian legal entity doesn’t have (or cannot apply for) import license
  • You only need to import goods a few times and thus don’t want to apply for another license
  • You don’t want to spend time learning how to work with the Indonesian customs to make sure your goods don’t get delayed at the border.

Since there are a lot of companies in this situation Indosight has developed an import service which utilizes our wide network of import companies in Indonesia. What it means is that if you need to import a certain good to Indonesia we will use one of our own companies or an existing import partner that we trust and have worked with in the past to get your goods to Indonesia at the shortest possible time. And hassle free.

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