Rèda Bahira Emerhub Bali Indonesia

Réda Bahria

Réda Bahria serves as the managing director at Emerhub Bali.

Réda Bahria is the Managing Director at Emerhub Bali, where his primary role encompasses overseeing the strategic direction and operational execution of the firm’s activities in Indonesia. His responsibilities include facilitating foreign investment and market expansion for clients, focusing on navigating the Indonesian business environment. Réda’s role involves advising investors on market entry strategies, forging strategic partnerships, and providing insights into the Indonesian investment landscape, which spans diverse sectors.

His work at Emerhub includes leading the Emerhubs team, overseeing the process of company registration, and managing the intricacies of trade license applications.

Réda’s extensive professional experience, gained through roles in business direction and sales management across multiple continents, informs his approach to project management and international business operations at Emerhub. His academic background, comprising a Hospitality Management certificate from Cornell University, an Executive Course in International Business from ICEX-CECO, and a Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering from Université des Sciences et de la Technologie Houari Boumediène, underpins his comprehensive understanding of both the technical and hospitality aspects of business operations. Réda is proficient in Arabic, English, French, Indonesian, and Spanish.


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