Liz  Servañez

Liz Servañez serves as Branch Manager in the Philippines.

As Branch Manager at Emerhub Philippines, Liz forges new partnerships and creates business opportunities for companies in the Philippines. Liz’s operational responsibilities include ensuring that client services meet industry standards and maintaining high levels of service quality. She acts as Emerhub’s representative in interactions with government bodies and third parties, upholding legal and ethical standards in all business operations. She manages a blend of sales, financial oversight, operational tasks, and regulatory compliance.

Liz has navigated a diverse career trajectory in business development, sales, and human resources technology consultation. Liz took part in a non-profit initiative to alleviate healthcare and poverty issues in 2020. Her university degrees in business administration and hotel and restaurant management provide a strong foundation for strategic planning, financial management, organisational behaviour, service industry standards, customer service excellence, and operational efficiency.