Arrissra Limpisthein Emerhub Thailand

Arrissra Limpisthein

Arrissra Limpisthein serves as Branch Manager in Thailand.

Arrissra serves as a key figure in business development within Thailand, focusing on aiding clients through the complexities of establishing and expanding their businesses as well as managing the Emerhubs team in Thailand. Her role involves close collaboration with clients, guiding them from the initial stages of company formation to sustainable growth and success in the local market. Arrissra’s expertise extends to being a reliable advisor, deeply involved in the strategic aspects of business setup and expansion.

Throughout her career, Arrissra has assumed various leadership positions, encompassing marketing, business development, and strategic planning. These roles have contributed to her well-rounded understanding of the industry, enabling her to offer comprehensive solutions to her clients. Her experience is characterised by a hands-on approach to event management and client services, ensuring tailored and effective outcomes.