Hire, pay, and manage teams in emerging Southeast Asian markets with Emerhub

Hire employees from emerging markets without forming local legal entities, with Emerhub’s Employer of Record. Let us handle your HR operations while you take your business to new heights.

Over 800 Employees hired via Emerhub’s Employer of Record services

Hiring and managing teams made simple with Emerhub

Talent Sourcing
Let Emerhub find you the best talent from multiple south-east asian countries for your team
Local Payroll and HR
All of your local payroll and HR issues are handled by Emerhub
Local Compliance
No need to set up a foreign company or worry about local compliance and tax matters
Local employment benefits
Turn your freelancers into full-time employees with local employment benefits
One monthly service invoice
Pay one invoice per month and let Emerhub handle all local disbursements and reporting
Hire and manage teams
Open new vacancies easily and manage your existing employees via Emerhub’s App or by talking an Emerhub Consultant

An all-in-one app to hire and manage employees across Southeast Asia

Open new vacancies

Create new job openings on the go, or speak to an Emerhub Consultant to discuss your requirements

Shortlist and Hire sourced candidates

View candidates for your job posting; sourced and shortlisted by the Emerhub Team.

Onboard and manage employees

Streamline the hiring process from placing an offer to onboarding, and manage your employee affairs on the app.

What sets us apart

Experience: 10+ years of experience assisting clients to expand in Southeast Asia.

Expertise: We have dedicated and highly qualified project managers that assist our clients throughout the whole incorporation process.

Multinational Presence: Apart from Bali, we have offices located in Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Pakistan.


Emerhub is a globally renowned market entry and HR services organization, with a 10+ year history of delivering success in emerging markets


All-in-one services: We offer a full range of services from recruitment and EOR to corporate secretarial services.

Convenience: A web app to easily open new vacancies and manage your existing employees.

Fastest Setup: Onboard your expert team within weeks.

Cost-effective: Highly competitive prices, the cost of an EOR employee starts from 150 USD/mo.

In-house teams: We do everything in-house in Southeast Asia instead of outsourcing work to third parties.

Future prospects: We convert your remote team into a company once it grows bigger (if needed) 

Emerhub’s consultants are very helpful, and they are always available to clarify things. They were also able to provide recommendations based on our specific case to ensure that we were fully covered legally.

Tracey Scheffler

Frequently Asked Questions

A PEO requires that you own a local entity and enter into a co-employment agreement. In contrast, an EOR allows you to hire in other countries without owning a local entity or establishing a co-employment agreement.

The Emerhub team will keep track of your payroll information and handle any legal or tax implications.

Yes, it is legal to use employer of record services. They allow companies to legally and efficiently hire staff in a new country without having to set up a separate entity.

All the intellectual property of the employee working for a client in EOR arrangement is owned by the client.

The cost for an EOR employee starts from as low as 150 USD.

Emerhub provides EOR services for emerging markets in Southeast Asia. Our offices are available in Pakistan, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

EOR is suitable for you if you wish to provie full time employment to your existing remote freelancers. It is also a good option if you want to setup a local team in a new market without having to register a company, or hire software developers within highly competitive cost structures. EOR is also the best course of action when switching from an outsourced solution (BPO) to fultime employment for better quality control.

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