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Pakistan might be the best kept secret when it comes to hiring software developers

  • Pakistan is the 5th largest country in the world (population of 220 million)
  • There are over 150 technical universities in Pakistan with a total of over 50,000 engineering graduates a year
  • Majority of university graduates have excellent English
  • Mid-level software developers salaries start from £950/month and senior  from £1425/month (including fees and taxes)

Software developers in Pakistan

Benefits of using an employer of record in Pakistan

Get better candidates without the additional bureaucracy.

Be a more attractive employer
Your team might be remote but they still want benefits like health insurance, be applicable for mortgage, have a local HR support.
Get better applicants
Freelance and job portals depend on candidates applying to your positions. We use professional headhunters to manually find you candidates that may not even be looking for a new job.
No need to worry about HR issues
Managing employees in a different country is difficult. Our HR team will take care of anything your employees might need, such as applying for vacations, paying taxes, etc.
No international payments to Pakistan required
Paying to remote employees can get messy real fast. Sending money to Pakistan is complicated. We take care of all the disbursements and just issue you one service invoice per month from our UK entity.

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