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Payroll Management in Vietnam

Payroll management involves tasks related to handling the wages of employees.

Wages and Taxes in Vietnam

In Vietnam, employees must pay personal income taxes, the rate of which varies for local and foreign workers. All employees must also pay trade union fees

A certain percentage of an employee’s income must also go towards social security taxes. As the employer, you will also have to pay a portion of this.

Another thing to consider in computing wages and taxes for employees are benefits. Some employee benefits in Vietnam are taxable, while others are not. You must also take leaves and public holidays into account when computing wages and reporting employee taxes.

Advantages of Using Emerhub’s Payroll Management Service

Outsourcing payroll management to Emerhub can provide many benefits for your company.

  • Using our payroll management service is more cost-effective because you will not have to keep in-house payroll staff or purchase accounting software.
  • Emerhub will ensure that you remain compliant with local laws related to wages and employment taxes.
  • Our highly skilled and experienced accounting team will issue accurate paychecks in a timely manner.

Payroll Management by Emerhub

Emerhub can take care of your company’s payroll. We offer a full range of services related to managing your payroll.

Setting Up Payroll

We will register your employees with the labor department. We will also register your employees for health and social insurance per Vietnamese regulations.

Payroll and Personal Income Tax (PIT) Declarations

Emerhub will compute your employees’ salaries, overtime, benefits, and employment taxes. We will also handle the submission of PIT declarations each quarter, and take care of the settlement of PIT annually. Our services also include the submission of your company’s Labor Use Report biannually.