Executive Search

Hiring Senior Management Roles Using Executive Search

Executive search refers to a specific recruitment service to find qualified candidates for high-level positions. This is for senior management and C-level positions including:

  • President
  • Vice-president
  • CEO
  • Country Manager

Why Employers Outsource Executive Search

The process and strategies used in recruiting for high-level positions is not the same as other roles. Emerhub’s recruiters have the knowledge and experience to recruit for senior management and C-level positions.

Some key advantages of using our executive search service:

  • You will have access to our pool of highly qualified candidates.
  • Our expert recruiters primarily work with foreign companies doing business in Southeast Asia and understand your needs.
  • You will be working with specialists who have a lot of skills and experience in selecting and placing high-level candidates.

Outsourcing executive search in a foreign market also has unique advantages. The familiarity of Emerhub’s recruiters with the Southeast Asians market allows them to properly guide you through the entire hiring process.

Discretion and anonymity may also sometimes be necessary when hiring for high-level positions. We guarantee that we will maintain confidentiality throughout the entire hiring process.

How Executive Search Works

The exact recruitment process for executive-level positions may vary depending on what your specific needs are for the vacant position. The process detailed below gives an idea of what to expect from an executive search by Emerhub.

  1. Discuss the position. Describe the role with Emerhub and provide all relevant details about the candidate you are looking for. You should also disclose what you want the candidate to know about your organization.
  2. Searching and sourcing. Our recruiters will search for the best candidates by using a database, getting referrals, or using professional contacts.
  3. Screening and selection. Emerhub will shortlist and contact candidates. You may take part in this step.
  4. Interviews. This may be a series of interviews with our recruiters and/or you. We will also ask for your feedback and discuss the results of each interview.
  5. Verification and reference checks. We will verify the selected candidate’s qualifications and conduct necessary checks.
  6. Job offer. Once we find a qualified candidate that you approve of, we will extend a job offer to them.

Note that the notice period required from high-ranking candidates may be longer than usual. As such, the entire recruitment process may take a couple of months, including the candidate’s notice period.