Professionals Recruitment

Finding Employees Using Professionals Recruitment

With our professionals’ recruitment service, Emerhub’s experienced recruiters will find qualified candidates for your business.

Some common job titles our recruiters have filled include:

  • Data Analyst
  • General Manager
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Software Developer
  • Sales Manager

Advantages of Using Emerhub’s Professionals Recruitment Service

Recruitment is a labor-intensive process that requires a specific set of skills. Some businesses don’t have in-house recruiters and the ones that do sometimes seek external support from our experts.

Some advantages of using our professionals recruitment service include:

  • Save time and resources. Outsourcing recruitment duties is a more efficient way to hire employees, especially for smaller businesses that don’t have a lot of positions to fill. 
  • Work with experts dedicated to finding the perfect candidate. Recruiting can be difficult for the inexperienced. Emerhub’s highly-skilled recruiters will be able to find quality candidates for you quickly.
  • Work with recruiters who have knowledge of the local market. Employers hiring remotely or owners of newly established businesses in foreign markets will find a lot of value in working with local recruiters. Emerhub will be able to provide you with information about local schools and companies in Southeast Asia.

How Professionals Recruitment Works

The way recruiters find and place the best candidates may vary depending on the hiring company’s requirements and needs. The steps below detail a standard recruitment process with Emerhub.

  1. Sourcing and screening. Emerhub finds the best candidates through job portals, referrals, and searching databases and candidate pools. The recruiter gets in touch with the candidates by phone and screens them. We will shortlist candidates at this stage.
  2. Interview with candidates. We will interview shortlisted candidates before endorsing them to you for another interview. You may ask for an additional round of interviews if you wish.
  3. Client feedback. After the interviews, we will discuss the results and ask for your feedback to determine if we have found the right candidate.
  4. Verification and background checks. Our recruiters will also conduct a background check to verify the accuracy of the qualified candidate’s employment history and credentials.
  5. Offer. We will extend a job offer to your selected candidate.

Recruitment Timeline

The amount of time needed to recruit candidates will depend on your specific needs and requirements. The table below shows the average timeline for Emerhub’s recruitment process.

Sourcing and interviews1 to 2 weeks
Background check2 to 3 days
Job offer3 to 5 days
TOTAL3 weeks