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Emerhub offers tax and accounting services to companies in Vietnam. While you focus on growing your business, we ensure that taxes are paid on time to avoid any possible penalty.

With over 10 years of experience in Vietnam’s tax and accounting industry, we provide expert guidance to your business.

Discover how we streamline your tax and accounting processes

Monthly bookkeeping and reporting
Emerhub records all transactions including expenses, income, salary, and employee insurance (SHUI). We also keep logs of export reports such as trial balances, profit and loss, and balance sheets.
Periodical reporting and tax payment
We make sure that timely payments are made to the local authorities for Value Added Tax (VAT), Personal Income Tax (PIT), and Corporate Income Tax (CIT)
Financial statement and finance report audit
Emerhub with its team of experts make sure to audit financial statements to provide an overview of the company’s financial performance.
Personal Income Tax (PIT) finalization
Emerhub prepares the annual report on finalizing the PIT of all employee’s tax returns.
Corporate Income Tax (CIT) finalization
Emerhub finalizes income tax returns for your company to remain compliant with the local laws.

Save time and money with our comprehensive tax and accounting assistance

What types of tax services we offer

Major Taxes

✓ Corporate income tax
✓ Value added tax
✓ Personal income tax
✓ Foreign contractor withholding tax

Additional Taxes

✓ Special sales tax
✓ Environmental rax
✓ Import and export duties
✓ Natural resource tax
✓ Property tax


Requirements to avail tax and accounting services by Emerhub

Bank statement
Clients are required to send their bank statements via email to Emerhub at the end of every month.

payroll management vietnam ID

Input documents
Clients must provide input invoices, contracts, and import documents (if any) to Emerhub. These documents are from their supplier as a result of business transactions. The clients can either send the original documents via email or courier them to Emerhub’s office.

Output documents
Clients must also provide output invoices and output contracts to Emerhub. It includes sales invoices, receipts, credit notes, debit notes, and other similar documents that show the details of a business transaction with any client.



For new businesses, obtaining a Business Registration Certificate (BRC) and an Investment Registration Certificate (IRC) is a requirement. Once Emerhub helps them get these certificates, we register their tax and insurance (SHUI) accounts. Established businesses must also provide their accounting books.


The client sends out Bank statements, VAT e-invoices, contracts, or related documents at the end of every month. Emerhub records data expenses, income, salary, SHUI, etc., on the system.


Emerhub sends client reports, including trial balance, balance sheet, profit, and loss.


After getting the client’s confirmation, Emerhub fills in the tax and submits it to the tax office.

Local PT Indonesia

What sets us apart


10+ years of experience in assisting clients to expand in Southeast Asia.

Multinational Presence:

Apart from Indonesia, we have offices located in Vietnam, Pakistan, Hongkong, and the Philippines


We have dedicated and highly qualified project managers that assist our clients throughout the whole incorporation process.

Fast and Accurate:

Registering a SPV in Indonesia can be very time consuming and complicated. As such, Emerhub will work closely with legal authorities to assist you manually. We take the quick and easy route for you.

Local laws compliance:

Emerhub has experience and professional staff that understand the regulations and law in Indonesia.

End to end support:

Emerhub provides complete end-to-end Incorporation services, starting from advising you on which Business type to choose, up to acquiring all the required permits and documents. Emerhub offers other market entry-related business services.


“I am very pleased with your service as an accountant for Emerhub (Mr Phu), I am always confident that when questions arise from my side regarding taxes and Vietnamese policies that you give me adequate and good advice in these matters. I am also very pleased that from time to time you proactively advise me on upcoming opportunities. Thank you for your service in the year 2022.”

Geert Vranckx

“Dasoni Consulting have worked with Emerhub. Emerhub helped us with IRC, BRC, Business Visa DN1vbank account/capital injection, tax declaration, Work Permit, and Temporary Resident Card. Lead consultant, Tran Thi Quyen was a thoughtful leader of the entire project who would scold me gently if I am late to deliver on my part. Vy Le’s super responsiveness in the beginning made Emerhub stand out to us. And Bill Phu Nguyen is a big dependable teddy bear”

Chisung Lee

“Great help for Julian on the recent service increase the capital and change the company’s name for LAC Vietnam LLC. Will continue to engage in other services and recommend my friend or colleague if need any services in Vietnam.”

Vincent Yeo
LAC Vietnam

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be subject to 20% Corporate Income Tax (CIT) on your profit. However, this tax only occurs upon generating profit. If you make no profits or break even. Besides, If you are an IT company, you can get tax exemption and tax incentives for up to 15 years.

11 reports in total, 2 reports every quarter (VAT and PIT), and 3 at the end of the year (VAT, PIT, CIT). Last but not least, if you are a 100% FDI company, you must also submit an annual FDI report. Read to know more about Taxes Calculation and Tax Rate.

Yes. As a company registered in Vietnam providing a service from Vietnam, your company will also have to issue VAT (due to the service you provide, the percentage of VAT can be exempted, 0%, 5%, or 10%) on your invoice to the client. For VAT exemption you must prove that your service qualifies for it. Discuss with our expert team for details.

Yes, it is. However, we usually open accounts with the most trustworthy bank in Vietnam, which is not strict about this.

Even if you have no operation, you must perform an audit at the end of every financial year which is reported on your financial report. The deadline will be March 31st of the next year.

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