It’s easy to visit Bali as a tourist as most nationalities don’t even need a visa to visit the island for 30 days. Things get a little more complicated if you stay for longer. Bali relocation with family can be quite overwhelming and this article will show you the easiest way how you and your family can live in Bali legally.

Prior to Bali relocation

With the considerably low cost of living and favourable climate, plenty decide to relocate and call Bali home. While it is difficult to determine the exact number of expats living in Indonesia, the Labor Ministry reported there were 43,816 foreign workers in the country in July 2016.

While most travellers and people in permanent relocation are well prepared, each country comes with its own specifications and customs. What is commonly surprising to foreigners about Bali is that processing documentation takes time. Thus, it is wise to start off with the support of a trustworthy company who provides correct time and cost estimations.

Short term relocation

This is a perfect solution for travellers not certain of the length of their journey. For example, in case you are planning to settle into a nomadic lifestyle on the island.

Making a Business Visa

Business Visa is more convenient when comparing to other visa types, such as Social Visa and Visa on Arrival. It requires no extension, nor going to immigration for interview, giving fingerprints and photo which may be a quite uncomfortable procedure. The only condition of a Business Visa is to leave the country every 60 days.

Opening a bank account in Bali with business visa

Owning a local bank account in Bali eases the life of a foreigner as making transactions with an overseas bank account is costly. In addition, there are several benefits that apply to an account owner via online banking and support the convenient handling of daily procedures:

  • Paying for electricity
  • Recharging phone balance
  • Paying for insurance
  • Buying internet
  • Purchasing tickets
  • Using mobile banking

It is often that banks refuse to open accounts for persons without KITAS. However,our good cooperation with banks allows us to do it in Bali and ease the life of foreigners in relocation.

Long term relocation to Bali

Deciding to move for a longer term, possibly with your family, stable ground is most likely on top of your list to cross down. Consider following through these four steps to settle in in Bali for long term and make the island your home without any unnecessary delays and worries.

1. Working KITAS and dependant KITAS

Temporary stay permit (KITAS) is a multiple entry visa. This means you have the freedom to move around the world whenever the need occurs without the visa being cancelled. Unless you plan to work in Bali, the simplest way to get you started with KITAS is setting up a Representative Office of a Foreign Trading Company (KP3A).

After doing so, you will become the Chief of the Representative Office (CRO) with KITAS, while other family members (spouse and children) have dependent KITAS’. Similarly to CRO, the validity of dependent´s KITAS is the same, which is 12 months.

KITAS holder receives plenty of benefits in Bali, such as lower prices in training facilities, resorts, restaurants etc. In addition to the listed, one of the perks of having a KITAS is the possibility of acquiring land in Indonesia. See us also covering the topic of land acquisition for foreigners in our blog.

2. Representative Office (including tax reporting and registering a virtual office)

Representative Office can apply for KITAS for its foreign executives. For the Bali relocation purpose, setting up a Representative Office is wiser than a Limited Liability Company as the compliance costs are lower.

To set up a Representative Office in Bali, the one thing you need is a legal entity incorporated outside of Indonesia. Find a detailed article about setting up a Representative Office in Indonesia here.

After staying in Indonesia for 183 days or more in any continuous 12 month period, or residing in Indonesia during the fiscal year and intending to stay here, you are considered as a tax resident. This also means you are obliged to report your taxes, and have a tax card which is issued only to KITAS holders.

3. Registration at the National Manpower Security Agency (BPJS)

In order to apply for KITAS foreigner must also have a local health insurance, which is administered by National Manpower Security Agency (BPJS). When you sign up for Bali relocation for the long term, being the CRO, you are registered at BPJS for Social Security Program. This way you are also fully eligible to receive medical care in Bali as per BPJS standards.

Overall, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. This also applies in Indonesia. The best is to relocate to Bali by following the country’s customs and regulations. Thus, by getting familiar with the options you have regards to visa and banking, life on the island will begin with few less bumps on the road.









  • Multiple entry Business Visa
  • Stay in Indonesia for 60 days per visit for 1 year
  • 1 year KITAS for you, the Chief of the Representative Office (CRO), and your dependants (spouse and children)

Open an Indonesian bank account






Set up a Representative Office of a Foreign Trading Company (KP3A)






Social Security



  • Enroll yourself and your family to local BPJS Social Security program

Local tax card





Acquire land in Indonesia





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