Multiple entry business visa in Bali

Business visa allows you to stay in Bali for up to 60 days per visit. Get visa sponsorship from Emerhub. Perfect for digital nomads and remote workers

Arrival to Indonesia

How long can you stay in Bali with multiple entry business visa?

Your multiple entry business visa allows you to enter Indonesia unlimited times for one year. However, per stay you can be in the country for maximum 60 days. Once you leave the country you can return whenever you want. With the same visa. You will not have to go through visa extension procedures for the whole year. Unlike visa on arrival or visa exemption a business visa is a legitimate way to do business in Bali. Therefore you won’t have to explain to the Immigration officers why you are entering Indonesia frequently. One key limitation is that you are not allowed to be employed with business visa. If you are hired by an Indonesian company and will receive salary then you should instead apply for a work permit..

Start the business visa process

Multiple entry business visa processing fee is 200 USD* (without Emerhub sponsorship) or 500 USD* (with Emerhub sponsorship). Upon submitting the form our consultant will reply you whether you are eligible for the visa and if we need any additional information. *Fees exclude visa fees paid to the Indonesian embassy abroad. The exact fees depend on the embassy.

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