Open a Restaurant in Bali: Advice from a Restauranter

Planning on opening a restaurant in Bali? Get advice from a restaurant owner in Bali.


What does it take to open a restaurant in Bali? We spoke to a restaurant owner in Bali and asked for his insights about opening a restaurant in Bali. Here’s what he had to say.

Opening a Restaurant in Bali

Mario Hinyi owns Balkan, a restaurant in Seminyak in Bali. “It can be very tricky,” he says, “there are many small details that some investors forget about it.”

One important piece of advice Mario gave was about asking for help. “I will never be too shy to ask for help for things I don’t know,” Mario shares. He goes on to say that it is important to find a good agent. “The right agent can lead you through this process easily.”

The same applies for opening any kind of lifestyle business in Bali. To find out what other entrepreuners in Bali are saying, check out this blog.

The Safe Way to Start a Business in Bali

Mario offers a gentle reminder about choosing a nominee. “You can end up choosing the wrong person,” he says of nominees.

However, he offers some advice for people who decide to go down this route. “Everything must be written clearly. Black and white.” He then goes on to emphasize once more that a good agency can offer guidance through the process.

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