Hire remote employees without setting up a local entity

Hire employees in foreign countries without having to handle any of the local regulations. Emerhub puts your employees on our payroll and takes care of all the local compliance matters.

Hire remote employees

You don’t need a legal entity to provide full-time employment to your remote employees. Simply sign a service agreement and put your employees on Emerhub’s payroll.

Unlike most global payroll providers, Emerhub has our own in-house legal experts in each of our offices which means watertight employment contracts, IP rights, and all the latest updates to any HR regulations.

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Remote employee onboarding

Onboarding remote employees can be challenging. Emerhub’s support goes beyond signing employment contracts and NDAs. We help you communicate with the candidates, provide them work stations, get them the equipment, etc. Whatever you need to get the employee started.

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Pay remote employees

Paying remote employees using our employer of record service is as easy as paying a monthly service invoice. Inform our team whether you want to pay any bonuses, apply deductions, reimbursements, and we will disburse all of the payments to your employees.

Terminate employees

Terminating employees is a sensitive activity that must be done 100% in compliance with the local regulations. Emerhub’s legal experts will make sure that if you need to terminate an employee, it will be done correctly and without any legal liabilities and that you retain the intellectual property rights of the employee’s work.

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Discuss how you can set up a remote team in emerging markets

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