KITAS rules for foreigners

As of August 27, 2019, the Indonesian Government has taken another step on a path towards a more open environment for international business and foreign investment.

A new set of regulations lifts restrictions on a wide variety of positions that foreigners can hold in all business classifications. In this article, we elaborate on what changed and which positions have now become available for foreign workers. 

Three key changes to know

  • Commissioner and director titles can now be held by a foreigner in all business classifications
  • General manager titles for foreign nationals are now open for all business classifications except HR
  • Previous limitations on foreign nationals have been lifted, and working definitions expanded

Restrictions lifted on management level

All previous general manager positions that were not regulated for foreign employment are now open to be held by foreigners – in all business classifications.

This means if you worked or planned to work in a sector such as legal, or finance, where a management level position was restricted or unregulated, you can now hold this title and legally obtain a visa in Indonesia.

The only exception is for positions in human resources, which are still a restricted area for foreign and expatriate workers in Indonesia.

Limitations removed for directors

Two changes affect the highest level of the corporate commissioner and director positions in a company. First, these titles may now be held by foreigners in all business classifications

Second, commissioners and directors who are shareholders in the company may now be eligible for both a work permit and an investor visa.

These changes make it easier for the highest level positions in a company to be held by foreigners in all types of business.

Unregulated professions are now covered

Work classifications that were not specifically regulated are now included in the list of permitted roles for foreigners. This includes legal consultants, legal advisors, and accountants. If you are working or planning to work in one of these areas you are now eligible to receive a working visa.

Foreign chefs can extend their stay

Foreign nationals looking into chef jobs in Indonesia should know that their positions are now extendable. Up until the current regulation update, foreign chefs were only eligible to work for up to a maximum of two years, without the possibility to request an extension.

New available positions

Not only have the previous restrictions on positions that are open to foreigners been revoked, but the list of positions for all business classifications has been expanded to include management and advisory level positions.

Previously Approved Roles

New Management Roles

  • Commissioner
  • President Director
  • Vice President Director
  • Finance Director
  • Marketing Director
  • Operational Director




  • Operation Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • General Manager
  • Tourism Facility Manager
  • Tour Manager
  • Diving Manager
  • Cruise Manager
  • Sport Science Manager
  • Fleet Manager
  • Research and Development Advisor
  • Marketing Advisor

New impresario roles

Work activities that fall under the impresario business classification have been expanded considerably, allowing foreigners to apply for a work permit from a much wider range of roles in entertainment, leisure, and coaching.

Visas can now be provided in a much wider range of professions by specifically registered and licensed impresario companies that organize, finance and operate concerts, plays, events and special sport or artistic endeavors.

The list of supported positions has expanded from the original 17 approved roles below – with 29 new ones – to a much wider scope of up to 46 approved working titles that can obtain a visa under an impresario company:

Previously Approved Roles New Impresario Roles 
  • Art Director
  • Music Director
  • Musician
  • Singer
  • Disc Jockey
  • Show Manager
  • Film Director
  • Actress/ Actor
  • Light Director
  • Dancer
  • Karaoke Guide
  • Acrobatic
  • Circus player
  • Magician
  • Bodyguard
  • Ad Model
  • Fashion Model







  • Sport Consultant
  • Boxing Promoter
  • Referee
  • Football Coach
  • Table Tennis Coach
  • Volleyball Coach
  • Softball Coach
  • Polo Coach
  • Paddle Coach
  • Badminton Coach
  • Bowling Coach
  • Boxing Coach
  • Judo Coach
  • Platform Diving Coach
  • Diving Coach
  • Shooting Coach
  • Surfing Coach
  • Swimming Coach
  • Synchronized Swimming Coach
  • Taekwondo Coach
  • Athletic Coach
  • Wushu Coach
  • Karate Coach
  • Golf Coach
  • Volleyball Player
  • Football Player
  • Basketball Player
  • Boxer

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