Simplify your employee benefit and payroll management through our 4-step process:


Submit your documents

Submit the required employee documents along with their salary information.


Employee registration

We register your employees with the labor department for health and social insurance as mandated by local law.


Salary calculations

Emerhub calculates salaries, overtime, benefits, and employment taxes for your employees.

Key facts about payroll and benefit management in Indonesia

General overview of the payroll service, employee compensation laws, and the benefits of selecting Emerhub as your payroll management partner

Employee compensations as per Indonesian laws

  • Employee compensation and benefits: Salaries vary by location and industry, starting from 3,070,000 IDR for entry-level roles. Employees are entitled to receive 13 months’ salary every year. Optionally, companies may pay for other fixed allowances including transport allowance, functional allowance, meal allowance, housing allowance, etc.
  • Health and Social Security BPJS: Employers in Indonesia must offer BPJS Health and BPJS social benefits as per law, including work accidents, death, old age, pension, and unemployment assistance.
  • Working hours and overtime laws: Employees in Indonesia work 40 hours per week. A worker’s overtime calculation is dependent on whether overtime is performed during the weekday, over the weekend, or on a public holiday.
  • Leave and holidays: In Indonesia, employees are entitled to 12 paid days off every year, as well as public holidays announced by the Indonesian government.
Employee compensation laws in Indonesia

How does Emerhub manage Social Security contributions for you and your employees?

  • As a part of Payroll management in Indonesia, Emerhub ensures your employees are given every benefit that is entitled to them on top of their basic salaries. Social security contributions (BPJS) in Indonesia cover five aspects and are typically shared between employees and employers. These include health security, work accident security, old age security, pension security, and unemployment security
  • Our advisors can provide you with information about additional benefits that you can choose to offer prospective employees. Additional benefits can be a key factor in attracting top talent, while also ensuring higher employee retention.

What are the benefits of using our payroll service?

  • Emerhub is a market entry and HR services organization with a 10+ year history of delivering success in emerging markets
  • Using Emerhub’s payroll management in Indonesia is cost-effective because your company will not need an in-house payroll staff.
  • Our highly skilled and experienced accounting team will issue fast and accurate paychecks.
  • Emerhub ensures your compliance with local laws related to wages, benefits, and employment taxes.
  • Avoid Penalties and delays for Compliance with Customs and Border Protection
  • Local resources that can be operated locally
  • Emerhub provides continuing end-to-end support if you want to set up your own company and transfer employment in the long run.
  • Optimize your time and processes so you can focus on your core business day-to-day
Benefits of Emerhub Payroll service