Finding a qualified provider for health insurance in Indonesia is not always an easy task for foreign workers and travellers. However, it is crucial to keep it as one of the first items to cross down in the to-do list when travelling to or staying in Indonesia – in this article, we explain why.

Would a travel insurance solely be enough? Also how to reach confidence that you have best protected yourself and your family for whatever may happen abroad (without having to cut back on your lifestyle).

Mandatory Health Insurance in Indonesia for Expats

Not only is health insurance advisable when travelling or living abroad, in some cases it is also mandatory.

If you are holding a Limited Stay Permit (KITAS), having health insurance in Indonesia is one of the visa requirements. This applies to all types of KITAS permits, except for the one that is sponsored by a spouse.

In our past blog posts we wrote in detail about the requirements of a Spouse-Sponsored KITAS as well as what an expat needs when applying for a KITAS Working Permit.

Applying for a Health Insurance in Indonesia

Many expats travelling in Indonesia are already one step ahead with having partnered up with an insurance company. However, if you have not done so, Emerhub has international insurance partners to meet your individual circumstances.

There is no requirement that the company you choose must be Indonesian – many opt for an international provider. Though, the company must have coverage across Indonesia.

While having traveled often, expatriates find it convenient to also choose a travel insurance to cover their stay in Indonesia. However, when comparing the terms, a travel insurance is not as integral as the one staying in Indonesia long-term would need.

Covering the Unexpected With Health Insurance in Indonesia


The change of climate expats are facing when moving from their natural environment to the heat of Indonesia comes as an underlying shock to bodies and may bring along health risks. Reactions are often quick to follow due to the severe change of climate. A foreigner would also need a health insurance policy in Indonesia when being involved with extreme sports.

Another reason for hospitalization in Indonesia is the rising number of road accidents. Our personal safety standards tend to shift when people who never would ride a scooter in their hometown suddenly start renting and hopping on two-wheelers carelessly.

Driving without any or only with novelty helmets is another reason of needing serious medical attention. This is the reality for Bali, Thailand and many other places in Southeast Asia which tell unfortunate stories of foreigners being reckless in traffic.

Being Hospitalized in Indonesia

Being hospitalized in Indonesia is something you would not think happens to you, but it may. The archipelago is developing fast and so is the healthcare unit. Different level of facilities are available for foreigners as well as locals.

If you do fall into an accident and need to seek for medical attention, check whether the hospital you have chosen accepts insurance payments. Not all hospitals cooperate with all insurance companies.

However, without an insurance policy, the hospital bills may reach incredible and sometimes unbearable levels. This is why hospitals feel the pressure to check out patients without insurance and lack of personal funds. Whether or not they have fully recovered.

Why Foreigner’s Driving License in Indonesia is More Important Than You May Think

Expats in Indonesia often consider renting or buying personal cars and scooters. However, many don’t know that a local driving license is mandatory.

It is rather common that foreigners figure out their way in traffic without a local driver’s license thinking they can “negotiate” their way out of any problems. While it may be true you need the driving license in case of an accident and want your health insurance to cover the expenses. It’s a lot cheaper to do the license rather than getting into accident and finding out your health insurance won’t cover you.

Who Qualifies For an Indonesian Driving License?

If you do not have a local driving license yet, Emerhub can assist you with obtaining an Indonesian driving license.

In Bali, you may apply for different licenses depending on the type of visa you are holding:

Visa Validity of Driver’s License
  • 1 or 5 years
Any other visa (including visa on arrival (VOA)) During the validity of the visa

In case of an accident with serious consequences that require hospitalization and support from insurance, you need the proof of having an international driving license. Insurance provides coverage for those carrying a legitimate license.

Emerhub can assist you with obtaining an Indonesian driving license and get you better deals with health insurance providers. Get in touch with us via the form below.

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