Manufacture of optical instruments and photographic equipment

List of business classifications grouped under C267 - Manufacture of optical instruments and photographic equipment in Indonesia.

    KBLI Name Description Status

    Manufacture of optical and optical instruments are not eye

    The business of making binoculars and optical devices as well as parts for science and printing such as monocular binoculars, astronomical binoculars, telescope elbows, periscopes, optics, spectroscopes, spectographs, honed layered lenses, prism lenses. Includes optical microscopes, binoculars and telescopes, optical mirrors, optical magnifying glass equipment, optical machinist precision (precision) equipment, optical comparators, optical weapon sighting equipment, optical positioning equipment, optical measuring and inspection equipment and instruments (e.g. fire control equipment. control equipment, distance measuring) and laser equipment. This group also includes the coating industry, lens polishing and lens mountings (non-ophthalmic) and others


    Photographic equipment industry

    The business of manufacturing a variety of photographic cameras, such as ordinary photo cameras, live-ready cameras, micro-film cameras, digital cameras, still picture cameras and cameras for aerial research.


    Industri kamera cinematografi proyektor dan perlengkapannya

    The business of manufacturing various kinds of cinematographic cameras, projectors, such as cinematography cameras, cinematographic projectors, image projectors, slide projectors, overhead transparency projectors, photographic flash apparatus, camera frames, film holders and zoom camera lenses. Includes a light meter for photography


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