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Emerhub ensure that your employees in Indonesia are paid on time, in compliance with local laws and with all benefits entitled to them

Over 10 years of experience in managing payroll for multiple international organizations in indonesia

Payroll management made easy with Emerhub

Assigned payroll expert
Emerhub assigns you a dedicated payroll specialist so that you can speak with them directly and receive one-on-one services.
Computation and distribution of salaries
We calculate your employees’ salaries each month based on all factors including overtime, contributions, and deductions, and disperse them in an accurate and timely manner.
Income tax management
Our company calculates and withholds tax on your employee’s salary and pays it to The Directorate General of Taxes in Indonesia every month. Employees receive tax receipts as part of their annual tax filing.
Management of social security and health insurance
Emerhub provides social security benefits to employees as mandated by law by registering them with the labor department. We also distribute the allocated cost for social security contributions between employees and employers as per the legal requirements.
One monthly invoice
Pay only one invoice per month, and let Emerhub handle dispersion of money to every party involved
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Employee compensations as per Indonesian laws

With a 10+ year history of payroll management in Indonesia, Emerhub ensures that your employees’ payroll is handled in accordance with Indonesian law to keep your business compliant

Employee compensation & benefits

Salaries vary by location and industry, starting from 3,070,000 IDR for entry level roles. Employees are entitled to receive 13 months’ salary every year. Optionally, companies may pay for other fixed allowances including transport allowance, functional allowance, meal allowance, housing allowance, etc.

Health & social security BPJS

Employers in Indonesia must offer BPJS Health and BPJS social benefits as per law, including work accidents, death, old age, pension, and unemployment assistance.

Working hours & overtime laws

Employees in Indonesia work 40 hours per week. A worker’s overtime calculation is dependent on whether overtime is performed during the weekday, over the weekend, or on a public holiday.

Leaves and holidays

In Indonesia, employees are entitled to 12 paid days off every year, as well as public holidays announced by the Indonesian government.

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Attract Top talent and retain your employees by offering additional benefits

Emerhub manages Social security contributions for you and your employees

As a part of Payroll management in Indonesia, Emerhub ensures your employees are given every benefit that is entitled to them on top of their basic salaries. Social security contributions (BPJS) in Indonesia cover five aspects and are typically shared between employees and employers. These include health security, work accident security, old age security, pension security, and unemployment security

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company registration in the Philippines takes between 60-180 days

Our three-step process for Payroll Management in Indonesia


Submit the required documents of your employees along with their salary information.


We register your employees with the labor department for health and social insurance as mandated by local law.


Emerhub calculates salaries, overtime, benefits, and employment taxes for your employees.


We handle the submission of personal income tax (PIT) declarations each quarter and take care of settlements on an annual basis.


Our services also include the submission of your company’s Labor Use Report biannually

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Emerhub is a market entry and HR services organization with a 10+ year history of delivering success in emerging markets


Using Emerhub’s payroll management in Indonesia is cost-effective because your company will not need an in-house payroll staff.

Local laws compliance

Emerhub ensures that you remain compliant with local laws related to wages, benefits and employment taxes.

Fast and Accurate paychecks

Our highly skilled and experienced accounting team will issue accurate paychecks in a timely manner.

End-to-End Support

Emerhub provides continuing assistance if you want to set up your own company and transfer employment in the long run.

Client Testimonials

Engaged Emerhub for payroll, accounting, and secretarial services. The services are satisfactory and work is completed on a timely basis.

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I recommend Emerhub without a doubt. The service has been perfect.

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I’ve been with EMERHUB for almost a year and have received exceptional professional services throughout the entire time. I highly recommend the team of Emerhub.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Emerhub we provide payroll management, HR assistance, and annual personal tax reporting services.

Yes, all businesses are required to offer social security (BPJS Ketenagakerjaan), and all employees must be registered with BPJS.

No, because this is a government initiative. All participants have the same level of coverage. However, if you want to provide additional benefits to your employees, you can request that we register private insurance for them.

Yes, we also provide post-establishment services like payroll management and employee handling.

THR (Tunjangan Hari Raya) is a mandatory allowance that is to be given on religious holidays with the amount of a one-time salary. Permanent employees are required by law to receive financial assistance once a year, before their most important religious holidays.

Local Indonesians who spend 183 days during a fiscal year in the country are subject to an individual income tax. The tax rate range from 5% to 30% depending upon the annual income threshold.

Foreign employees residing in Indonesia with a Work Permit (KITAS) are subject to PPh 21 Income Tax. The employer deducts the tax from their salary and pays it directly to the tax office. Foreigners under an Investor KITAS are not required to register for a tax identification number (NPWP), however, if they do not have an NPWP a 20% surcharge will be applied to their tax rate.

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