Top Cities in Indonesia to Hire Software Developers

Looking to hire software developers in Indonesia? We compile the top-recommended cities in Indonesia to hire software developers here.


Are you looking to hire software developers in Indonesia? Look no further. Software developers have become one of the trending recruitments in most cities in Indonesia. 

Here, we compile the top-recommended cities in Indonesia to hire software developers.

Hire software developers in Jakarta, Indonesia

The capital city of Indonesia is the third top emerging startup ecosystem in 2021. And Jakarta is home to hundreds of leading tech companies. Thus, it is not difficult to hire junior to senior-level software developers in Jakarta.

The city is also home to famous universities for its IT major, Bina Nusantara University and Gunadarma University. Both universities have partnerships for learning with major tech companies such as IBM, Microsoft, and more.

Jakarta has the highest minimum wage in Indonesia. The minimum wage in Jakarta is IDR 4.416.186 (USD 309). And the average salary of a software developer is the highest in Indonesia, with IDR 7.020.565 ($492).

Hire software developers in Bandung, Indonesia

Bandung of West Java is the second-best startup city in Indonesia, following Jakarta. You can hire software engineers in tech companies or startups in Bandung.

Other than that, you can hire software engineers from the Bandung Institute of Technology. It is the best tech university in Indonesia. Or hire from Telkom University under the Indonesian telecommunications conglomerate, Telkom Indonesia.

It is common for companies to hire students from such universities before they even graduate. The minimum wage in Bandung is IDR 3.742.276 (USD 262), and the average salary for software engineers is IDR 4.813.914 (USD 337).

Hire software developers in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

The Special Region of Yogyakarta is famous as a student city, with almost 20% of the population being students. Yogyakarta has hundreds of accredited universities.

It includes Universitas Gadjah Mada, Universitas Islam Indonesia, Duta Wacana Christian University, and Amikom University. All collaborated in an innovation and tech festival in Yogyakarta.

Moreover, Yogyakarta is now a startup city, with an average salary of IDR 5.897.276 (USD 416) for software engineers. It is a relatively high number compared to other cities and considering the region has the lowest minimum wage in Indonesia.

Hire software developers in Surabaya, Indonesia

Surabaya is the capital city of East Java. It is also the second-largest metropolitan city after Jakarta.

You can hire software developers in Surabaya by eyeing candidates from the best tech university in the city and second in Indonesia, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology.

The minimum wage in Surabaya is IDR 4.300.479 (USD 301). And the average salary for a software developer in Surabaya is IDR 6.981.784 (USD 489).

Hire in the island of Bali

Unlike the cities mentioned above, Bali is not one of the top five startup cities in Indonesia. But, the island of Bali is a magnet for digital nomads around the world.

You can find local or international software developers in most co-working spaces in Bali. Besides, the best university on the island, Universitas Udayana, has one of the best tech majors in Indonesia.

The average salary for software developers in Bali is almost double the amount of its minimum wage. It is IDR 4.246.923 (USD 297), while the minimum wage in Bali is IDR 2.494.000 (USD 174).

Hiring anywhere in Indonesia

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