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Entering Vietnam remains heavily restricted. But there is now a solution for business professionals and investors to enter the country using a special visa sponsorship program.

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“Emerhub has been absolutely amazing during these crazy Covid-19 times. The team is always quick to respond to any questions I may have and keep me posted throughout the whole visa process. I am so happy to have found such a trustworthy company to help me with my visa. Thanks so much to the team at Emerhub!


Vietnam’s visa regulations during the pandemic

Vietnam has some of the lowest COVID-19 infection numbers in the world. Largely due to closing its borders since the beginning of the pandemic.

While helpful for curbing the virus, it has left many foreigners with the struggle of how to enter Vietnam. Fortunately, it’s now possible thanks to the special visa program allowing foreigners with a corporate sponsor or investors opening new businesses to enter the country.

That’s where Emerhub comes in – we will assist you with finding a corporate sponsor or register a company for you in Vietnam. 

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Here are the steps to enter Vietnam using our special visa program

1. Get A Corporate Sponsor
Foreigners are only allowed to enter Vietnam if they have a local corporate sponsor that will sponsor and apply for their visa. Emerhub provides assistance in finding the sponsor and support them in applying for your visa. It takes about five weeks to get the visa permit.
2. Take A COVID-19 Test
Take a COVID-19 test and fly to Vietnam. You must take a WHO-certified COVID-19 test no more than five days before your flight to Vietnam. Since most commercial flights have been suspended, we can facilitate your chosen airline with the information required for entry to Vietnam.
3. Quarantine For 14 Days
Stay in a quarantine for 14 days. Vietnam’s quarantine policy is stricter than most countries. A 14-day quarantine must be spent in a government approved hotel and you are not allowed to leave your room. Fortunately there are many hotels available for quarantine and we will help you find the hotel best suited to your budget.

After many weeks researching and contacting a dozen different agents, we finally shortlisted EMERHUB to help us obtain our first retirement KITAS visa.

One of the primary reasons we decided to use EMERHUB as our agent was because of the prompt and clear online communications with their Bali branch manager, Triin Tigane.

There were many other agents – with much lower fees – we had communicated with before our decision to use EMERHUB.

While doing our due diligence, we were not looking for the lowest fee … we were looking for a single person (or corporate team) we could easily communicate with on a one-on-one basis like a well-connected close friend or a trustworthy work colleague.

Emerhub client
Andrew and Florence
Retirees in Bali, Canada

The Emerhub Vietnam team go above and beyond to meet our business needs. We have come to consider them as an extension of our own team and business family. Their expertise on the most complex Asian markets is unparalleled in the industry and we look forward to a long partnership.

Emerhub client
Caelin Reddy
Lead In-Country Specialist (APAC), TecEx

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