Easily hire a full-time virtual assistant in the Philippines

Go beyond hiring temporary freelancers. Provide full-time employment to your virtual assistant in the Philippines without having to set up a local legal entity.

Virtual assistant in the Philippines as a competitive advantage

In an ideal world, your virtual assistant takes over all of your repetitive tasks. Your time should be going to leading your team, coming up with new ideas, talking to key customers, etc.

However, in the real world, most executives are bad at managing virtual assistants. It’s a skill and it can be learned.

You’ll want your virtual assistant to become an extension of you. It’s difficult to achieve it with a part-time worker that is not really part of your business and doesn’t know you and how to help you.

Emerhub’s employer of record service allows you to provide full-time employment to your virtual assistant without having to register a company in the Philippines

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How does the employer of record service work?

The system is simple:

  1. You select the virtual assistant(s) you want to hire
  2. Emerhub becomes the official employer of your staff in the Philippines
  3. Emerhub calculates and disburses the salaries and handles all the payroll and compliance matters. You simply pay a monthly invoice to Emerhub.

The key difference between an employer of record (EOR) and business process outsourcing (BPO) is that your team is working directly with you. You choose who you hire and how they work. They are your team and we just handle the payroll and HR.


What is the cost of a virtual assistant in the Philippines?

A virtual assistant in the Philippines that speaks good English and has the skills and experience to support you with more complex tasks costs about 800-1000 USD a month. This already includes the employer of record fees (~10% of the monthly salary).

Emerhub is also able to assist you in finding a virtual assistant with specific industry experience, e.g. if you need somebody who can act as a sales assistant and follow up your leads.

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