Statutory holidays

An employee in the Philippines has the following time off:

HolidayTotal days per yearPay if work is required
Public holidays200%
Regular holidays10200%
Special non-working holidays6130%
Service incentive leave5200%

A regular holiday also called annual leave, is a time when an employee has a time off but is entitled to receive a full salary. If the employee is required to work during the regular holiday, they are entitled to a 200% pay.

Special non-working holidays allow an employee to take additional time off but they don’t get paid for it unless the company policy states otherwise. If an employee is called into work during a special non-working holiday, they are entitled to 130% pay.

Special working holidays are the days when the schools are off but the employees continue working as usual. The employees receive their usual compensation.

Service incentive leave is an additional five days off to employees that have stayed with the company for longer than a year in total.