HR services in Southeast Asia

HR solutions in Southeast Asia

Helping you build, manage and retain talent in Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines

We’ve been using Emerhub for over a year now, and they have been instrumental in the setup of our first remote development team in Indonesia by providing Recruitment Services. Monica and the team have been wonderful to deal with, and have found some great tech talent for our growing team.

Paul Ferrett, Head of Development, Catch Group

Payroll services

Reduce the administrative burden and focus on your core business needs. We will ensure your business complies with the local employment regulations and administer the HR matters on behalf of you.

Our payroll services include payroll accounting, employee administration, and contract management.

Employer of Record

Hire employees under Emerhub’s payroll. This allows you to have full-time employees in all of our markets, without having to set up local entities or administering the personnel.

Hire and make changes to your remote workforce online using our custom payroll application. You can have your first full-time employee hired in a matter of a few days.

Professionals Recruitment

We recruit the right talent to fulfill your mission-critical roles in your Southeast Asian operations. Examples of common roles we recruit for – IT developers, engineers, technical supervisors, or customer-facing roles such as sales managers or customer relations officers.

Southeast Asian countries may have large populations but the competition for the top talents is fierce. You won’t find the right people from the job portals because they are unlikely to even look for jobs. Our experienced team of recruiters will use our networks to find you the people you need.

Executive search

The most common role for our executive search is finding country managers. This is a role that can make or break your overseas expansion – having the right country manager will bring you years of market experience and connections.

Once your operations grow, we will help you build out the entire local executive team – ideally a combination of experienced locals and relocating some of your other executives from your overseas offices.

Let’s set up a call to discuss how our HR solutions can support your business

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