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Payroll Management in Vietnam

payroll management in vietnam

Employee compensation as per Vietnamese laws

Emerhub’s payroll management team ensures that your employees’ payroll is handled in accordance with Vietnamese law to keep your business compliant

Employee compensation & benefits

Salaries vary by location and industry but the minimum salary in Vietnam is 4,680,000 VND. Employees are entitled to receive 13 months’ salary along with other optional allowances including transport allowance, functional allowance, meal allowance, housing allowance, etc.

Leaves and holidays

In Vietnam, employees are entitled to 12 paid days off every year, as well as public holidays announced by the Vietnamese government.

Working hours & overtime laws

Employees in Vietnam work for 48 hrs per week. Overtime, by mutual agreement, cannot exceed four hours per day, 40 a month, or 200 each year. Industries subject to seasonal variations in work, such as textiles, clothing, and electronics, have an annual overtime maximum of 300 hours.

emerhub’s payroll management team in Vietnam ensures that your employees are paid accurately and on time every month

How to register your employees for payroll management in Vietnam with Emerhub

For Emerhub to efficiently manage your payroll every month, the following documents are required for each employee to be added for payroll management

Curriculum vitae certified by local authorities

payroll management vietnam ID

2 sets of notarized ID card

Attested degree and certificates

payroll management vietnam health

Health certification

3 x 4 (cm) size photos

payroll management vietnam dependants

Documents to register dependents for medical insurance

Labor Contract

How does Emerhub handle your teams’ payroll in Vietnam?


Submit the required documents of your employees along with their salary information.


We register your employees with the labor department for health and social insurance as mandated by local law.


Emerhub calculates salaries, overtime, benefits, and employment taxes for your employees as part of our Payroll management services in Vietnam


We handle the submission of personal income tax (PIT) declarations each quarter and take care of the PIT settlements on an annual basis.


Our services also include the submission of your company’s Labor Use Report biannually

Payroll management in vietnam with emerhub

Why outsource your payroll to Emerhub?


Using Emerhub’s payroll management in Vietnam is cost-effective because your company will not need an in-house payroll staff.

Local laws compliance

Emerhub ensures that you remain compliant with local laws related to wages, benefits and employment taxes.

Fast and Accurate paychecks

Our highly skilled and experienced accounting team will issue accurate paychecks in a timely manner.

End-to-end support

Emerhub provides continuing assistance if you want to set up your own company and transfer employment in the long run.