Multiple entry visa

Multiple entry visas in Thailand

Visas primarily for tourism or doing business in Thailand

Two main types of multiple entry visas in Thailand

✈️ Tourist visa

  • 60 days per entry
  • Valid for 6 months from issue
  • Carry out activities related to leisure, medical activities, or tourism

💼 Business Visa

  • 1 year per entry
  • Valid for the specified period of entry
  • Carry out work or investment-related activities
  • Requires invitation from the company in Thailand
  • Can only be applied for after the initial 90-day business visa

Multiple-entry visas are given for a specific period from one to five years, depending on the purpose of the visit. You are allowed to enter and leave Thailand during that timeframe but cannot stay longer than the allocated 60 or 365-day period per visit.

Multiple-entry visas are not supposed to be used for settling in Thailand. Check out options for long-term residence if you plan to stay longer than a few months in Thailand.