Coronavirus updates: Changes to visas and work permits in Vietnam

Latest confirmed information on traveling to Vietnam as a foreigner.

vietnam visa coronavirus

Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, Vietnam has implemented various restrictions on foreign nationals entering Vietnam. Therefore the regular advice on visas is currently not valid until further notice.

This page collects confirmed information on the travel and living restrictions on foreign nationals in Vietnam. See also similar post about Indonesia.

Last update: March 24, 18:13

Table of contents

    Vietnam visa changes due to the Coronavirus

    Visa requests are pending for all foreigners for the next thirty days from 22/03/2020.

    Special cases such as experts, business managers, skilled workers (TRC holders) may be able to enter Vietnam but are subject to additional requirements:

    • Test and possess a non-positive COVID-19 certificate that is issued by the competent authorities of the host country.
    • Submit an entry request and certificate to the Vietnamese embassy/consulate of the host country.
    • Receive approval from the embassy.
    • Everyone entering Vietnam will be quarantined for 14 days (in a government-appointed place, not at home).
    • Work permit holders in Vietnam must get a health certificate from a Vietnamese hospital, foreign certificates are not recognized.

    There may be no flights available to Ho Chi Minh City at the time of your planned travel as the airport authorities strictly limit the number of incoming flights.

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