Guide to hiring employees in Vietnam

Guide to hiring employees in Vietnam

Complete guide to hiring employees in Vietnam. From taxation to salary standards, here's everything you need to know about having employees in Vietnam.

Guide to hiring employees in Vietnam

Vietnam, officially called the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, is located at the eastern edge of Southeast Asia.

Quick facts about Vietnam

  • Vietnam has a population of 99 million (2021) which makes it the 15th most populous country in the world;
  • Vietnam’s GDP in 2020 was 270 billion USD. This is similar to countries like Finland, Colombia and Pakistan;
  • Vietnam’s GDP consist of Agriculture: 15.3% Industry: 33.3% Services: 51.3% (2017);
  • Vietnam’s nominal GDP per capita is about 3,759 USD (2021), similar to countries like India, Myanmar or Uzbekistan;
  • Currency: Vietnamese Dong (VND).

In order to hire employees in Vietnam, you need a company registered in Vietnam. An alternative is to use a service provider called an employer of record to hire your employees.

In the following pages, we will cover the key aspects of hiring and managing employees in Vietnam.

Hiring in Vietnam made easy

Emerhub's employer of record service allows you to hire anyone in Vietnam with minimum bureaucracy. Your employees will be formally on our payroll while working entirely for your company.

No need to set up a local company in Vietnam. You manage your employee, we take care of taxes, local HR matters, etc.

Guide to hiring in Vietnam