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An Importer of Record is an entity responsible for imported goods. Using an Importer of Record allows businesses to ship goods to Vietnam without setting up a legal entity in the country.

Importing Regulations in Vietnam

To import goods into Vietnam, you will need an investment license and a business registration certificate from the Department of Planning and Investment. You will have to establish a legal entity to obtain those documents.

Product registration and government approval may also be necessary for some products. Products subject to registration include:

  • Cosmetics
  • Drugs and food supplements
  • Processed products from vegetables, fruit, and/or grain
  • Alcoholic beverages and cigarettes
  • Essential oils and perfumes
  • Milk and dairy products, eggs, honey, and other products derived from animals

As your Importer of Record, you can use Emerhub’s licenses and certificates to import goods into Vietnam.

Most goods imported into Vietnam are subject to import tax and value-added tax. Tax rates vary depending on the type of product imported. Emerhub will also settle duties for your goods as part of our services as your Importer of Record.

Emerhub as Your Importer of Record

There are several advantages to having Emerhub as your Importer of Record.

As mentioned, you can use our licenses so you can start importing right away and we will settle duties for the goods imported. We are also familiar with local laws and regulations for importing so we will make sure that everything is in compliance with Vietnamese laws.

Our team has the experience and knowledge necessary to facilitate your import into Vietnam.

How It Works

The steps below show the process of importing with Emerhub as your Importer of Record.

  1. We will discuss your shipment and relevant costs.
  2. You will ship the products with your preferred carrier. We can also assist in finding a carrier for your shipment.
  3. Once your shipment arrives, we will take care of customs clearance and deliver the goods to your local address.

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