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As several countries around the world go into a third lockdown, buying nitrile gloves in bulk becomes increasingly difficult and costly. Demand is skyrocketing and the few factories still in production are struggling to keep up with demand. 

Why are Nitrile Gloves So Expensive?

The biggest glove distributor in the world closes its largest factory

The largest manufacturer in the world, Top Glove, recently had to shut their largest factory in Malaysia due to an outbreak of coronavirus amongst its workers. The country has since announced a state of emergency bringing even more uncertainty to the world’s supply of medical-grade nitrile gloves. 

US-China Trade War Blocks Supply Chains to the US

The second largest manufacturers of medical gloves are in China. For US glove distributors, this poses an issue. The US-China trade war has resulted in blocked shipments and unreliable delivery dates. 

The increasing demand and the scarcity of supply is giving many distributors the option to push up their prices. It’s becoming increasingly important to find distributors that have a direct relationship with manufacturers and are more likely to have fair prices. 

Vietnam Manufacturers Continue to Supply Nitrile Gloves During Global Shortage

Vietnam has kept consistently low numbers of covid infections throughout the pandemic through strict government regulations. As a result, the country continues to conduct international business and manufacture of nitrile gloves carries on smoothly. 

Foreign Access to Nitrile Gloves Manufacturers in Vietnam  

Only a select few Vietnamese glove manufacturers are approved for international export. These suppliers are now experiencing high demand from the international market. However, requests for shipments are not easily approved as these suppliers are under management by the Vietnamese Government. Regulations have been put in place to ensure that domestic requirements are met before any export can take place. 

Using Nitrile Gloves Distributors in Vietnam

Manufacturers usually do not supply directly to buyers. In the rare occasion that direct orders are established, buyers will need to accept strict payment policies such as a 30% downpayment and a minimum order of a million cartons. 

Most suppliers work through a network of distributors within Vietnam like Emerhub, that can secure more flexible payment terms and smaller bulk orders. 

Securing the best prices requires finding F1 level distributors. These distributors have a direct line to manufacturers. Most distributors are F2, F3 or F4 distributors and do not have a direct line to manufacturers meaning their prices are much higher than F1 suppliers. 

Emerhub works closely with several suppliers to ship medical gloves in bulk to serious buyers. 

Our close network of government approved suppliers and manufacturers can cater to different volumes and offers flexible payment structures. 

How to Order Nitrile Gloves in Bulk with Emerhub

  1. Provide a Letter of Intent with your needs and specifications
  2. Select the best quote from our trusted suppliers
  3. Provide a Proof of Fund
  4. Make a secure payment via a Letter of Credit

Our team of import-export specialists will coordinate logistics with our trusted transportation partners until your shipment arrives safely. We will take care of:

  • Government approval
  • Acquiring necessary certification
  • Ensuring your shipment abides by Vietnamese regulations
  • Booking freight containers in a sparse and competitive market
  • Booking reliable and safe transportation 
  • Passing quality inspections of your cargo at the Vietnamese border 

Get in touch to find out more or just place an order.

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