How to Apply for a Visit Visa for Bali

Find out how you can apply for a business visa for Bali while you are outside Indonesia during COVID.


Travel restrictions imposed by the Indonesian government have meant that foreign nationals have been unable to enter Bali directly since the start of the pandemic. 

But as the Indonesian government loosened its borders, there is now a visa option available for travelers wishing to return to the blissful beaches of Bali. 

Travelers can now apply for a business visa. Although, there are conditions that need to be met, including the need for a sponsor in Indonesia and a vaccine card for entering Indonesia.

Read on for the steps and requirements to getting a business visa for entry to Bali.

Who can apply for a business visa for Bali?

Any foreigners, including you, can apply for a visit visa for Bali as long as you have a vaccine card showing that you are fully vaccinated and you have an Indonesian sponsor. 

The sponsor can either be a person or a company. The sponsor must have at least USD 10,000 in their bank account. Moreover, you must be able to provide a bank statement under your name with a balance of at least USD 1,500.

You must also have a reason to travel to Bali. The reason is a prerequisite for business visa approval. The main reasons are business activities, such as a potential investment or meetings.

Many companies now offer visa sponsorships. Note, immigration may request information about your relationship with your sponsor. As such, you need to be careful when choosing a company to be your visa sponsor. 

Emerhub is a consulting company that advises foreigners on investing in Indonesia. We can sponsor your visa as you explore options for doing business in Bali. Having us as your sponsor shows immigration authorities that your intention is valid.

Business visa requirements for Bali

The requirements to apply for a business visa for Bali include:

  • Colored scan of passport biodata page
  • Colored passport size photograph
  • Copy of the bank statement (a PDF file including the date, applicant’s name, bank name, and account balance equal to at least USD 1,500)
  • Return flight ticket or booking to Jakarta (return ticket must be within 59 days)
  • Address of stay in Indonesia (you can use your quarantine hotel address)
  • Card or certificate of vaccination (fully vaccinated with exemption for children under 12 years old)
  • Negative result of PCR test attached with the QR code (another PCR test must be done which must be valid not later than 2 days prior to departing flight)
  • Results of health examination that shows free from infectious diseases (can be obtained from General Practitioner)
  • Travel and/or health insurance that covers your stay
  • Signed statement letter to comply with health protocol of Indonesia (Emerhub will prepare the draft for you to sign)
  • Certificate of good conduct (should be obtained from authorities in the country of origin, proof of no criminal records)

Steps to apply for a business visa for Bali

  1. Submit documents to Emerhub
    • Send color scans of the documents via email to Emerhub
    • No originals required 
    • Inform Emerhub your entry date to Indonesia so we can calculate the validity of your visa
  2. E-Visa issuance
    • Emerhub will process your visa
    • The average processing time is 7-20 working days
    • There will be visa application suspension for travelers with travel history in India and South Africa in the past 14 days
  3. Fly to Jakarta
    • Once your e-visa is issued, print it out, and fly to Indonesia through Jakarta
    • Present your negative PCR test result with the QR code to confirm the authentication of the document at the airport
    • Present your vaccination card at the airport stating that you are fully vaccinated
    • Present your health exam results and travel and/or health insurance that covers your stay
    • Present the signed statement letter to comply with the health protocol of Indonesia
    • Present your certificate of good conduct
    • Book your quarantine hotel in Jakarta as well as the PCR test
    • Find the list of appointed quarantine hotels in Jakarta here
    • Inform Emerhub of your chosen quarantine hotel 
  4. Quarantine in hotel
    • Quarantine in Jakarta for 8 or 14 days depending on the country of departure
    • Book your flight to Bali
  5. Fly to Bali
    • You can take a direct domestic flight from Jakarta after quarantine
    • Take another swab test at least 2×24 hours before departure
  6. Visa extension
    • Submit your passport to Emerhub
    • Take your photo and fingerprints in the immigration office

Note that travel requirements and processes change rapidly during the pandemic in Indonesia. Emerhub can jump in to assist in every step of the process. From advising to processing your visa application.

Traveling to Bali with your business visa

You can travel to Bali through Jakarta airport. Indonesian airports, other than Jakarta, are still closed for travelers on international flights.

Foreigners must submit the following documents upon arrival to Indonesia:

  • Negative Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test result. The test must not be older than 2×24 hours before flight departure. It must be attached with a QR code to confirm the authentication of the document.
  • Vaccine card. You must present a vaccine card stating that you are fully vaccinated or have received your 2nd dose of vaccine.
  • Travel and/or health insurance. It has to cover your stay in Indonesia.
  • Health examination results. You can obtain results that shows you are free from infectious diseases from a General Practitioner.
  • Signed statement letter. Emerhub will draft the letter to comply with the health protocol of Indonesia.
  • Good conduct certificate. You should obtain the proof of no criminal records from authorities in the country of origin.

Changing residency status in Bali

 You can also get a residency permit card for a longer stay without the need to extend your visa after a month. Holders of a business visa can apply for a temporary stay permit (KITAS). However, applicants must meet conditions relevant to the stay permit of their choice. 

For your convenience, our consultants can give the best option for your application. Fill in the form below, and we will ease your entry to Bali.

Frequently Asked Questions About Getting a Visa in Bali

Should I choose a business visa or a temporary stay permit (KITAS)?

A temporary stay permit (KITAS) grants residency status. Residents can leave and enter Indonesia even if there are travel restrictions. As such, we suggest applying for a KITAS if the option is available to you. Get in touch with our consultants to find out how to apply for a KITAS.

If I have a business visa, do I need to leave Indonesia 60 days after entry?

No. The business visa is currently single-entry. Leaving Indonesia will cancel the visa.

The business visa validity depends on where you were during the application process:

  • If you are outside of Indonesia during the application process, your visa is valid for 60 days as of the day you enter Indonesia. 
  • If you are in Bali during the visa application process, the visa is valid for 30 days.

In both of the above cases, you can then extend the visa by 30 days up to 4 times if you are in Indonesia. However, you must apply for an extension before the initial expiry date of your visa.

Can children apply for a business visa?


Do I need to book the flight tickets before applying for the visa?

Yes, at least a booking confirmation is required to apply for the visa. 

Do I need to take a swab/PCR test when applying for the visa?


Is quarantine required upon arriving in Indonesia? 

Yes, all passengers on international flights arriving at Jakarta airport must quarantine. You must cover the expenses for quarantine in one of the government-determined hotels that you have booked and testing before and after quarantine.

Can I enter Indonesia without a vaccine card?

Foreigners above the age of 12 must present the vaccine card. It must certify that you have received your 2nd dose of vaccine. But, children under the age of 12 can also enter Indonesia without a vaccine card.

How long does the business visa process take? 

7-20 business days with a normal processing time. However, if you expedite it through Emerhub, it can take 1-3 days. 

Can I apply for a business visa myself without using an agent? 

No, a business visa requires an Indonesian sponsor. Thus, you cannot apply for it yourself. 

Unless, you have a sponsor who will grant you access to their online visa application system. The sponsor must have funds in their bank account that amount to a minimum of USD 10,000 to be able to sponsor the visa.

Frequently Asked Questions About Visa for Bali

Yes. Currently, the only valid visa to enter Bali is a single-entry business visa.

All countries need a visa to enter Bali as Visa Exemption and Visa on Arrival are temporarily suspended.

Yes. You must received your 2nd dose of vaccine before entering Indonesia.

Yes. A single-entry business visa allows you to extend your stay for 30 days up to 4 times.

You can get a penalty of IDR 1.000.000 per day if you have extended your visa up to 4 times. The worst case is, you can get deported.

Yes. You can apply for a new business visa onshore to avoid penalty and deportation.

Emerhub can help you get started on sponsorship and facilitate your business visa. Reach out to our experts by sending an email to [email protected].

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