Customs clearance in the Philippines with an Importer of Record

Discover how an Importer of Record can help streamline customs clearance in the Philippines and save time and money for your business.


Custom clearance agent in Manila

To import products into the Philippines, importers must follow customs regulations and have a registered company in the country. Although it can be challenging, it’s possible to do it successfully with the right support. Working with an Importer of Record can help make the process easier and ensure that your products are delivered smoothly.

In this blog post, we explore how an Importer of Record (IOR) helps streamline customs clearance for your products in the Philippines.

What is an Importer of Record (IOR)?

An Importer of Record (IOR), such as Emerhub, helps you import goods into the Philippines without the need to set up a local legal entity or obtain import licenses. This means you can save time and avoid the hassle of dealing with complex regulations. It is also the quickest and most efficient way to import.

If you are looking to import products into the country but facing confusion on how to do it, Emerhub is here to help you.

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What you need to provide when using an IOR in the Philippines for custom clearance

Here is what you need to prepare to use an Importer of Record in the Philippines:

  • Commercial invoice: A detailed document with a description of goods, including quantity, price, and terms of sale. 
  • Bill of lading: A legal document with details of the cargo in a shipment, its value, delivery specifications, and the receiving party.
  • Packaging list: The document specifies what is inside each package/shipping container.
  • Certificate of origin: Certificate confirming where your products are coming from.
  • Product specification: Details regarding the type of products, quantity, and weight.

What is the process that an IOR takes to clear your products in customs

The Importer of Record goes through the following process to clear your products:

  1. The Importer of Record first secures the Import Clearance Certificate (ICC) from the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).
  2. It then registers your shipment with the Bureau of Customs (BOC) before it arrives in the Philippines.
  3. Once the shipment arrives in the country, the IOR pays the customs duties based on the value of the goods.
  4. Finally, after the clearance process, IOR  arranges the release and delivery of the goods to their destination.

Emerhub is a reliable Importer of Record for customs clearance in the Philippines

Here’s how Emerhub as an Importer of Record guides businesses:

Expert guidance on importing goods, and risk management

Emerhub provides the necessary information on the product you are importing into the Philippines. We have expertise in importing different categories of goods, including electronics, cosmetics, machinery, food, and more. More importantly, our team warns you of potential risks associated with your products in customs before they are shipped. 

Customs clearance in the Philippines

Emerhub has a team of experts with experience in imports. We provide insights on shipping options and customs clearance procedures. We also help understand the regulations to import products into the Philippines.

Import services offered by Emerhub

We offer a range of import services in the Philippines, including sourcing products, arranging shipping and transportation, handling customs clearance procedures, managing warehousing and storage, and providing delivery service. 

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