Accounting System Setup
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Accounting System Setup

Set up an accounting system to simplify your company’s financial management

Why should you set up an accounting system for your company?

Accounting system benefits:

  • Keeps a record of your business transactions
  • Track your company’s financial progress
  • Simplify your tax reporting
  • Faster processing of taxes
  • Cost-effective

❌ Downsides of not having an accounting system:

  • Data storage can be less efficient leading to missing/lost documents
  • Indonesian law requires transactional reporting, compliance is crucial
  • Manual financial reporting is time-consuming
  • Inaccurate reports and data can result in fines and penalties

When operating a business day to day, there are many details and records that need to be stored. From business transactions to cash flow and expense reports, financial data is crucial in ensuring compliance with Indonesian tax laws.

It is recommended that businesses set up an accounting system to ensure that the financial data that is reported to the Indonesian government is accurate and to avoid missing important submission deadlines.

Simplify your accounting needs with Emerhub’s accounting system setup service

Our accounting system setup service will handle all the intricacies of installing the necessary programs and connecting all your company’s accounts. Our team of experts is well-versed in Indonesian tax law and will ensure that your accounting system keeps your business compliant.

If you are interested in setting your Indonesian company up with an efficient accounting system, contact one of our advisors!

  • Desita Lestari Emerhub Indonesia

    Desita Lestari

    Desita Lestari serves as Account Executive at Emerhub Jakarta.

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    Fredrika Martha

    Fredrica Martha is a Senior Account Manager at Emerhub in Bali.