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Personal tax card (NPWP) registration

Obtain your personal tax number so that you can legally report taxes in Indonesia

Why do you need to register for an NPWP?

NPWP guidelines:

  • Required if the legal representative of the company does not have the NPWP
  • Establishes Taxpayer Identity
  • Necessary for tax reporting
  • As important as a personal identification card

❌ Consequences of not registering:

  • Fines and penalties
  • It is impossible to conduct business or earn income
  • Legal consequences for tax evasion

The Personal Tax Card (NPWP) is an essential document for both individuals and business entities that are tax residents in Indonesia. It allows for the regulation of income tax by the Indonesian government and is used in personal and corporate income tax declarations.

Documents required for NPWP registration

  • Copy of KTP or Passport and KITAS
  • domicile certificate or letter
  • Personal contact information
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