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Buyer’s Agent
We act on your behalf to chase the properties you are interested in. We are here to represent you during all the phases of your project from the selection to the negotiation and signature
Due Diligence
Finding the property is the first step. Making sure it is legitimate is the most important part. Are you sure the property belongs to the claimed owner? Can you do business with the property? Emerhub ensures all documents are in order for you to make a safe investment
Agreements review and drafting
Our team will review the documents in Indonesian language and will help you to draft the agreements to make sure you are protected
Business setup
Taking your property to the next step, Emerhub helps you to set up the right structure for your business to generate income in Bali.
Project management
Did you find a property and need somebody to follow up on your project or find contractors? Our team will follow your project while you’re abroad.
Tax and compliance
It is common for property owners to worry about double taxation when buying property. Our consultant can help you to understand all implication and ensure you remain in compliance to local laws

Offering end-to-end property investment services in Bali for foreigners and locals

Whether you want to buy something new, sell your existing properties, or find the best business solutions for your needs, Emerhub’s consultants are here to help!

Expertise and independence

Trust an independent business consulting firm to follow up on your project. We act as your representative and follow your instructions.

We speak your language

Our consultants are from all around the world and understand your needs. Speaking to somebody who understands you is the key to finding the best solutions for your property needs.

Emerhub property management services in Bali

Emerhub offers complete property services in Bali


Property due diligence

Our Consultants ensure that any buying or selling deal that you might be engaged in is legitimate.


Buyer’s agent

Our consultants are your representatives, with the mission of helping you find the best possible property deals for your needs.

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Emerhub consultants work as your partners to find the most profitable solutions for your property needs

How does Emerhub’s property investment service work in Bali?


Get in touch with us to discuss your project with one of our consultants


We help you find or negotiate the property with the third party


We assist with all meetings and prepare and review the agreements for you


We perform due diligence on the property


We appoint the notary and make sure your agreement is secured and we help you during the sales or purchase process


We assist you to set up your business and get all the necessary licenses


Emerhub will process your Visa and Permit to stay in Bali


Our tax and accounting team will make sure you are compliant with the local regulation

company registration in the philippines

Emerhub is a market entry organization with a 10+ year history of delivering success in emerging markets

Multinational Presence

Apart from Indonesia, we have offices located in the Philippines, Vietnam, and Pakistan

We are Advisors

We have dedicated and highly qualified consultants that assist our clients end-to-end

Experience in Due diligence

Emerhub’s consultants are well-versed in local practices of buying and selling properties and can avoid unfavorable losses for you by conducting extensive due diligence

Market Leadership Perks

As one of the leading business consultancies in Indonesia, Emerhub has strong connections with realtors, notaries, and other 3rd parties that are utilized to give clients the best possible solutions to their needs.

Client Testimonials

The team at Emerhub has been fantastic assistance to ensure all legal documents are in place before operation in Indonesia!  
Highly recommend

Connor Byrne

Emerhub has been extremely helpful with our visa, property due-diligence and arranging meetings with brokers and agents.

Sharee Maurice
WTM Holdings Ltd

Your team proved on more than one occasion that they held ‘my interests’ as a priority when some unforeseen obstacles presented. They also walked me through processes that allowed me to set up the correct structure for intended end-state

William Maurice

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You need some licenses and vehicles to do it. Emerhub can help you to structure your business

No. As a foreigner you are allowed to own a property with the right permit in Indonesia. You can also lease a property as a foreigner

Yes, our business consultants will help you to find the right place according to your requirements

We recommend to never sign anything before making sure the owner is the real owner and you can use legally your property once you buy it. Emerhub ensures proper due diligence before recommending any deals.

Indonesian law does not define the length of a lease agreement. The common practice is 25 years + another 25 years extension.

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