Work in Indonesia

Residence permit (type E23) to work in Indonesia.

What can you do with a residence permit for working?


  • Be employed and receive compensation based on your employment contract from an Indonesian company.
  • Enter and exit Indonesia as long as your re-entry permit is valid.
  • Bring family members to Indonesia.
  • Travel, visit friends and family.
  • Invest.

❌ Not allowed:

  • Take up additional jobs or conduct activities not related to your employment contract.
  • Sell goods or services, unless directly required by your job activities.

Documents required for a work permit

  • A passport from your country of nationality, valid for a minimum of six months.
  • Evidence of financial means, showing at least US$ 2,000 or its equivalent.
  • A recent color photograph.
  • A statement of commitment, to be completed within 90 days of arriving in Indonesia. This could include:
    • A notification from the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower, or
    • A statement from an Indonesian government agency, applicable if the foreigner is sponsored or guaranteed by such an agency.
  • Desita Lestari Emerhub Indonesia

    Desita Lestari

    Desita Lestari serves as Account Executive at Emerhub Jakarta.

  • Fredrika Martha Emerhub Bali

    Fredrika Martha

    Fredrica Martha is a Senior Account Manager at Emerhub in Bali.