Using the COVID-19 Fast Track Approval to Import Medical Supplies To Indonesia

Due to the urgent situation it's now possible to import medical supplies in just three days

COVID-19 Fast Track Approval

Importing medical devices is a highly regulated industry. However, due to the urgent need the Indonesian government created a special COVID-19 Fast Track Approval system that allows to import vital medical devices almost immediately.

In this article we will describe how you can start importing medical equipment to Indonesia, even if you don’t have a locally registered company.

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    How the COVID-19 Fast Track Approval works

    The usual process to import medical devices in Indonesia takes about 6-8 months. It includes steps such as:

    1. Company registration
    2. Warehouse audit
    3. IPAK License
    4. Product registration

    The COVID-19 Fast Track removes the second and the third step and allows to register the products in three days.

    Products that can be imported using the COVID-19 Fast Track Approval

    These are the products that can be imported using the COVID-19 Fast Track Approval:

    • Hand sanitizers
    • Raw materials for hand sanitizers and disinfectants
    • Laboratory test kits
    • Materials for producing test kits
    • Vitamins and medical supplies related to treatment of the COVID-19 patients
    • Personal protective equipment

    Getting started with the COVID-19 Fast Track Approval

    Any organization registered in Indonesia can apply for the Approval. Those include:

    • Governmental institutions
    • Non-profit organizations
    • For-profit organizations registered in Indonesia (e.g. PT PMAs)

    Essentially the only requirement is that your company is registered in Indonesia. If you don’t have a legal entity in Indonesia, the fastest options are the following:

    • Set up a new company in Jakarta. If you use Emerhub’s virtual office, we can register your company in less than one week.
    • Use Importer of Record service. This way you’ll be using Emerhub as the consignee and can start importing immediately.

    Reach out to us using the form below and our consultants will get back to you within a working day. The situation with medical supplies in Indonesia is very serious and we look forward to assisting you in supporting the country in those tough times.

    Let's grow your business in Indonesia

    Emerhub has years of experience with importer of record in Indonesia.

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