Overseas Visa Application to Enter Indonesia

It is once again possible to enter Indonesia. Indonesia now allows overseas visa application for foreign nationals who meet certain conditions.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Indonesia paused issuing visas to foreigners outside of Indonesia. But we are glad to let you know that overseas visa application to enter Indonesia is now possible under certain conditions.

With a sponsor company and BKPM recommendation letter, you can apply for a visa or work permit so you can enter Indonesia. Below, you will find the requirements and process to apply for a visa from overseas.

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    Who can apply for a visa to enter Indonesia?

    Foreign nationals hired by companies in Indonesia can apply for a work permit or KITAS. Investors who hold at least IDR 1 billion worth of shares in a company in Indonesia can apply for an investor visa. Business visas are available for foreign nationals with a sponsor company in Indonesia. Foreigners who meet requirements may also apply for retirement visas.

    How to apply for visa for Indonesia

    1. Choose the visa type relevant to your needs or situation

      Depending on certain conditions, you can apply for the following visas:
      Social visa
      Business Visa
      Working Visa 
      Investor Visa
      Retirement visa

    2. Obtain visa approval.

      This is applicable to those applying for work permits. Applicants must gain approval from the Foreign Manpower Utilization Plan (RPTKA).

    3. Get your telex visa.

      The telex visa is now electronic. This means that you do not need to claim it in person at an Indonesian embassy.

    4. Enter Indonesia.

    Emerhub can assist in every step of the process. From advising on the most suitable visa type to getting the BKPM recommendation letter and processing your visa application. Fill out the form below and our consultants will get in touch with you.

    How to get a recommendation letter from the BKPM

    The sponsoring company must prepare a request letter and the company’s legal documents. The sponsoring company must then submit these in person at the BKPM office in Jakarta.

    The process takes about three days, however, due to the number of applications, delays are very likely.

    Emerhub can process your request for recommendation letters. We will assist in preparing the necessary documents and facilitate submission. We will also facilitate visa applications after getting the recommendation letter from the BKPM.

    Changing KITAS or visa Status in Indonesia

    It is also possible to change your residency status in Indonesia. For example, those on a visit visa can apply for a temporary stay permit (KITAS). Similarly, those with a KITAS can apply for a permanent stay permit (KITAP).

    Note that applicants must meet the requirements and conditions to change their residency status. Our consultants can advise you on the regulations regarding this. We will also assist in applying for the stay permit relevant to your situation.

    Social Visas in Indonesia

    To assist foreign nationals who have been unable to leave Indonesia, authorities extended the validity of tourist or visit visas. Foreigners who are currently in Indonesia may also apply for a social visa which allows them to stay in the country for up to six months.

    Fill out the form below to get in touch with our consultants. We will be happy to help facilitate your visa application. You can also reach us by sending an email to [email protected].

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