Supplier search in Indonesia

Let us find suppliers for your products in Indonesia

Here's how we will find suppliers in Indonesia:

  1. Fill in the form and let us know the type of product you wish to buy from Indonesia
  2. Our consultants will contact you with additional questions to understand the requirements you have for the supplier
  3. We will start looking for the suppliers
  4. We will help to facilitate the deal between you and the supplier

Why to use Emerhub’s supplier search in Indonesia?

Frequently asked questions regarding supplier search in Indonesia

How much does the service cost?

The service is free. We will only get paid if we find you a supplier and charge a small commission from the transactions.

How long it takes for us to find a supplier?

It depends on how complicated is your product and how easy it is to contact the suppliers. It usually takes at least 3-6 weeks to find the suppliers that match your requirements, especially if the suppliers are located in remote areas or your request is rare.

What if I decide to cancel the supplier search?

This is a non-binding service. You can cancel your project at any time and likewise we keep the right to refuse projects that we don’t think we can deliver. Usually that happens if we know that a product is not available in Indonesia for a competitive rate.

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