9 Most Anticipated New Positions For Foreign Workers in Indonesia

Emerhub recently shared the breaking news that a broad list of new positions for foreign workers in Indonesia has now become available.

More than 150 new positions in 18 sectors have been opened up for expatriate and foreign workers in a variety of disciplines including construction, education, and the previously closed legal sector.

Here are 10 of the most anticipated new positions you as a foreign national can now consider for living and working in Indonesia. 

1. Director and Commissioner

The new regulation confirms that Director and Commissioner positions are open in all industry classifications with an exception as Director in human resources.  The Indonesian government continues to restrict access to foreign workers operating in the HR functions. 

Applying for the Director or Commissioner role in Indonesia means that you might also be eligible for an Investor Visa.

2. General Manager

The previously closed General Manager position is now open for foreign workers.

Until recently, due to not having an open position that exactly meets their qualifications, some CEOs have had to apply for Director roles in Indonesia. The General Manager position was previously off-limits and instead simply referred to as “General Affairs”.

This also means that previously, all CEOs had to be marked as Directors in the deed of establishment. With this new role available, you can simply appoint a GM without reconstructing the Board of Directors (BOD) structure.

3. Management Consultant

The management consulting sector has two new positions available for foreign workers: business consultant, and investment consultant. The previously closed sector welcomes foreign specialists to advise and assist with business development and investment matters in Indonesia.

4. Communication Manager

The advertising and creative agency sector has two new roles regulated for foreign employment. The industry is now able to accept expatriate workers as communication managers and creative designers. Indonesia is well-positioned for an influx of new creative workers. 

President Joko Widodo has previously highlighted the importance of the creative industry, emphasizing its potential to boost domestic consumption and international revenue.

5. Librarian

The education sector has opened Librarian position as one of their 27 new positions for foreign workers in Indonesia.

Elementary, junior high school, high school, and special schools have new open job positions not just for foreign librarians but also for literary coaches and coordinators

The Indonesian education category overall welcomes marketing managers, global perspective teachers, Spanish teachers, disabilities and counseling teachers and instructors of non-formal fields like art and sport.

6. Construction Manager

The August 2019 regulation changes have opened up 119 new positions in construction for foreign workers. Prior to these changes, only 62 positions were available for foreign construction workers. In addition to several new engineering positions, you can now choose from a wider selection of managerial level positions such as the construction project manager position. 

Work permits in the field of construction are now also extendable past the initial 2 year period – there is no need to start your visa process all over again or leave Indonesia for visa pick-up. 

Large-scale construction projects in Indonesia through PMA or a BUJKA will now find it considerably easier to pick up specialized foreign talent.

7. Legal Advisor

Two previously restricted and now open positions in the Indonesian legal sector are the legal advisor and legal consultant.

Changes in the legal sector are in no way less significant than in the field of construction – the legal sector was previously 100% closed for foreign workers and only now after the updated regulation has it begun to welcome foreign specialists.

8. Accountant

In the interest of staying in compliance, your company in Indonesia can also hire foreign accountants.

Note that Indonesia’s Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) are following the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Meaning that foreign accountants are able to adapt easily and the company has more choices to hire a better accountant.

9. Real Estate Agent

A foreign certified real estate agent can now also practice as an Individual Property Agent in Indonesia. The only requirement is being certified by the Property Association, which has a Mutual Recognition Agreement with Indonesia.

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