Outsourcing HR services in Indonesia allows you to grow your business faster. Either its outsourcing payroll, fulfilling tax compliance or hiring and terminating an employee.

In fact, 75% of the placements fail due to inadequate fit with the manager. How to avoid finding out on duty that the chosen candidate does not qualify for the job?

Some companies choose to have internal recruiting team, which means having workers on their payroll. Though others opt for professional support from third-party service providers only (demand based). What is more cost-efficient and which of the solutions would be best formed for a company such as yours?

Services provided by HR outsourcing firms in Indonesia

The key value of a recruitment agency lies in the diversity of services – your company may be outsourcing HR services in Indonesia in full form. Thus, you no longer need to have an internal team of your own for HR, a third party is handling it for you on agreed terms. This allows you to focus on your core business.

The list of services vary depending on the agency you outsource the services from. Having been on the market for years, gaining credibility and know-how with growing international branches, Emerhub is outsourcing following HR services in Indonesia:

  • Payroll
  • Recruiting
  • Terminating
  • Tax compliance

Challenges Solved by Outsourcing HR Services in Indonesia

Companies face several challenges that lead to slowing down the process of their everyday work. However, when taking necessary steps, these can easily be avoided or solved by opting for outsourcing:

  • Filling difficult positions
  • Eliminating the finding and validating of candidates – the most time consuming stage of hiring employees

Choosing a professional service provider who do it full time means there is no need to cut back from your everyday work. They have access to all possible resources, so your daily processes are no longer under pressure.  Thus, it allows you to:

  • Focus on your core business
  • Select from bigger pool of talents – doing it full time, there are plenty of candidates to choose from in our databases

Why New Foreign Companies Should Definitely Outsource HR in Indonesia

What would increase your chances of success in Indonesia as for everywhere else is being persuasive. Let’s say, winning over the best possible candidate for the job. While many newcomers are quick to assume similar standards of employment,  there is a lot more to consider.

Indonesia sees rapid development yet foreigner should still not underestimate what is unwritten. Especially the newcomers who often do not realize the real meaning of habits and local customs. Starting a company in Indonesia, avoid losing key employees due to not apprehending the procedures:

  • Designing salary and benefit packages
  • Choosing most effective channels to hire from for each position
  • Move faster by hiring faster

Removing the Faults of Internal Recruiting Methods

Check your current behaviour when it comes to recruitment internally. If you have been recruiting by yourself, see if the the performance is satisfactory or is there room for improvement. Find the the faults and areas where you find your internal sources lacking.

Often times companies struggle with finding the best solutions on their own. Recruiting company can use resources which an independent institution necessarily can not access. Yet, you can also see where your recruitment standards stand next to an actual company who does that on a professional level.

This will give you the confidence of how efficient and effective are your internal recruitment methods. As a result you have an overview of the level of your candidates and the time it takes to process your future employees. The hired recruitment company will assess the return of investment in any of the potential workers.

Benefits of Outsourcing HR Services in Indonesia When Hiring Employees

#1 Reduce Turnover

Hiring an unqualified candidate leads to you contributing to an increasing employee turnover. Thus, agree with yourself never to  settle with a candidate.

Focus on taking necessary steps to building a dedicated team. The efforts will pay off as this will eventually affect the efficiency of the entire team and altogether will impact the profit of your company.

#2 Ability to Customize Your Efforts

Having to keep internal recruiting personnel means using an amount of company’s annual budget. Regardless of you seeing months where they have their hands full of work, you will certainly witness the plain opposite.

An outsourced recruitment company provides a team of specialized recruiting experts. This comes as per your current demand. Customizing efforts will ultimately protect the finances of your company. As without having no positions to fill, you can spend on other necessary areas of your business.

#3 Risk Sharing When Outsourcing HR Services in Indonesia

Hitting downturn leads to a drop in your company’s recruitment needs as well as for recruiting staff. Or when shifting from one business category to another, some cases expanding to different parts of the world.

The need for hiring may rise suddenly and in such cases outsourcing HR services helps you to adapt and be most efficient. In fact, trusting a third party to do the choosing and hiring of a candidate for you means you share the responsibility of the cost advantage.

The recruiting company handles keeping the balance of necessary workforce in your company. They are also adjusting when necessary to avoid fluctuations. As a result, you are able to control company’s labor costs and have necessary feedback from the company you have chosen.

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#4 Hire better employees

Imagine word going around that an office next door, possibly a competitor, hires the qualified specialist you need. They have the exact skill set to fill a position you lack and the salary they plan on paying the person also fits. Do not feel discouraged as there will always be companies with competitive resources to play with in the field of recruitment. However, this does not mean you are out of the game.

A recruiting firm will first test your current needs. They can also assure how your company will keep up with the competitors. Recruitment companies have access to processing plenty of data. How? They are often hired for mass hiring by large scale companies or enterprises. Thus, even if you need to hire only a few candidates, the pool of talents to choose from is plentiful.

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